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Why You Need a Brightbox Charging Station at Your Next Event

The Brightbox Smart Charging Locker is a highly advanced charging booth perfect for your next event or tradeshow. With features including an interactive touchscreen display, digital advertising capabilities for branded content and user surveys, this charge station does so much more than just power up devices.

A web-based portal provides access for content control, usage reporting, fleet management, real-time updates with networked communications and remote technical support. Available in wall-mounted, floor stand or tabletop versions.

Having a Brightbox Smart Charging Locker at your next event will add an eye catching element to your area, create opportunity for branding opportunity and provide a convenient and secure service to guests.

Why rent this device with Vernon?

Six individual secure charging chambers with 3 cables per chamber and accessible only by user’s magnetic swipe card.

We are fully PCI certified with end-to-end encryption and absolutely never access any data on your phone or your credit card.

Certified cables provide universal support for all the latest mobile devices: iPhone, Android, Samsung, LG, HTC, Windows and even USB-C support.

Keep your audience super-charged at your events with best-in-class, secure and customizable Smart Phone Charging Kiosk.

  • 6 individual secure charging chambers
  • 4 types of charging cables
  • Target and engage customers
  • Strong messaging and sponsorship opportunity

Download the Vernon BrightBox Rental Guide HERE.

View the Brightbox Smart Charging Locker in action here:

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How VR activities at summer camps, can really be a game changer

Virtual Reality is considered as one of the most significant technology tools for research and education. So much so that tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook are investing huge amounts of capital into research and application in these areas. Therefore getting kids to experience VR early, helps ensure that they stay on the cutting edge of STEM education, and this, in turn, sets them up on an educational path that’s innovative and future-ready.

Students are interested in Virtual Reality because, quite simply, it’s all around them. Virtual reality typically incorporates auditory and video feedback, but may also allow other types of sensory and force feedback through haptic technology. Video games, mobile apps, and more, with which students use to interact quite frequently, are more often sporting VR capabilities. The number of active Virtual Reality users has increased from 0.2 million to more than 150 million in just five years, and these numbers show no sign of slowing down.

5 Advantages of using Virtual Reality in Learning and Development for Summer Camps:

Experiential Learning

In education, learning with imagination matters. Knowledge feeds the imagination. With a VR headset, students can experience and visualize various educational concepts from ancient history to futuristic technology. It creates a fun and effective learning environment – a perfect tool for Summer Camps.

Increased Engagement

Virtual Reality (VR) experience takes place within simulated and immersive environments that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. By using Virtual Reality, students can easily see objects in three-dimensional, computer-generated environment which can be explored and interacted and not just imagined. This resonates well with students and keeps them engaged completely.

Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work

When learning becomes fun, productivity takes shape. Productivity leads to development. Camp organizers can genuinely accomplish educating students in complex concepts such as designing, programming, and STEM subjects by using engaging VR content.

Breaks Geographic and Time Barriers

Virtual Reality media content breaks all geographic and time barriers. It is a language of visuals. A language understood by one and all. Take summer camp participants on Virtual Tours across the world and in to space to explore the past, present and the future.

Higher Scope

The brain tends to remember 10% of what it reads, 20% of what it hears, and 90% of what it does or simulates. By adding Virtual Reality as a supplementary technology to your existing, bring Summer Camps to life and improve learning outcomes.

VERNON VR Rental Solutions

To know more about our full scope of our VR rental services, get in touch with one of our computer rental experts today!

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*Check out how VR enhances Event Experience

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Interactive Large Format Touch Screen Displays at Events

Interactivity is taking the market by storm. Users want the same experience they get from their mobile devices and tablets on their desktop and public venue displays. Research on natural human interface proves that touch is everywhere. Touch provides an instant and intuitive interface for users. It simplifies customer interactions and transactions. Users do not have to know how to use a computer and can simply touch the display to make selections. No keyboard is required, saving space and complexity.

Interactive AV
Interactive AV is any form of audiovisual equipment, which enables the user to interact with it in order to control or influence the content that they see.

Interactive AV has always been a key marketing element at malls, offices, museums, and events. Touch Screens are revolutionizing the way we operate and communicate. Interactive technology enables us to communicate and capture all of our content in real time. It empowers businesses through integrated technology to enhance their communication and interactions with their customers. It involves the use of hardware and software so that the interactive content does exactly what one desires it to do.

A leading trade association – InfoComm International, representing the audiovisual industry pointed that for four consecutive years significant growth was projected for the industry. The revenue for the surveyed North American companies was expected to grow by 40%, and by 10.7% for the European audiovisual companies, year-over-year. Therefore, indicating a heavy consumption of rich media content by customers.

The single biggest factor for this increase is the rise in demand for networked audiovisual products due to the integration of Audiovisual and IT technology. The leading markets for AV equipment in North America and Europe continue to be business/IT and education. Its applications are limitless ranging from presentations, boardroom, and conference room collaboration or as interactive information kiosks.

An Interactive touch screen connects to the PC, Laptop or Mac and displays the presentation on to a 55″, 65″, 70″, or 82″ LCD or LED panel.

Imagine how you could captivate your audience when you open applications, navigate the web, use the virtual keyboard to type information or annotate over the top of the displayed information.

Connect. Engage. Captivate.
Rent Large Format Touch Screen Displays and engage your Audience at your next event.

Event Registration
Floor Standing iPads Kiosks are perfect for Event Registration that reduces the wait time and helps in lead capture as well.

Way-finder & Event Schedule
Large Format Touch Screen displays can be used as a Way-finder and display Event Schedule, Speaker Details using Event Apps like eventMobi.

Contests & Surveys
Engage your Audience with interesting contests and interactive surveys on Touch Screen Kiosks to generate leads and get audience feedback.

Branding Opportunity
Stand out in the crowd at Tradeshows with Viewsonic E-Posters by showcasing your Apps, Brand Campaigns, Interactive Presentations and Video content.

We TECH Care
We at Vernon Technology understand the need for networked audiovisual equipment for all events or general marketing activity. We have a vast inventory of Large Format displays, Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks to meet your requirements.

Vernon’s Touch Screen displays are sure to brighten up your events and create a lasting impact of your brand on your visitors, prospects and customers. What’s more, we at Vernon technology offer the best rates on rentals with flexible and customized rental plans. We even offer you the setup & logistical support you need across North America.

Please do contact us for further details.

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Transform your Business Events and Tradeshows with Virtual Reality

The advent of smart and newer technologies has considerably changed the way we organize trade shows and business events. Virtual Reality, in particular, has transformed the entire trade show and business events landscape. This groundbreaking technology has transformed the way we do events and tradeshows by bringing in the element of “reality” to the experience. It gives brands the opportunity to grab the consumers’ attention and start an engaging conversation. The consumers get more deeply absorbed into the presentation as they get an almost life-like, sensory feel of the products, services or venues being promoted.

In other words, it is all about enhancing the “Product/Service Experience” within the small confines of a trade show booth or an event venue.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is an interactive computer-generated experience-taking place within a simulated environment. It incorporates mainly auditory and visual feedback, but may also allow other types of sensory feedback. This immersive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical.

Current VR technology most commonly uses Virtual Reality headsets or multi-projected environments, sometimes in combination with physical environments or props, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. A person using Virtual Reality equipment is able to “look around” the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items. (Source: Wikipedia)

 The Power of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can powerfully influence the mind of the consumers on a deeper level. The near-reality experience evokes an emotional response that gets hardwired into their mind, creating long-lasting impressions. The engagement level will be higher on the part of the audience. The experience will pique their curiosity and interest in your company and its products, services or venues.

As Event Managers, making your business event or tradeshow VR-enabled will greatly improve the volume of visitors to your booth. You can have an unlimited floor space to create whatever experience you want. It allows you to clearly showcase your company’s products and convey the message. This will help you to enhance your brand recognition and establish brand superiority.

Virtual Reality leaves a lasting impression on consumers. It is the perfect medium for you to drive traffic and fully communicate your brand value. Therefore, it is essential to stand out to maximize your return on your event investment.

Let us delve deeper to find out how smart Event Planners could incorporate VR technology into their next grand business event or tradeshow.

Creating your Virtual Showroom at the Event/Tradeshow Venue

Of course, it is next to impossible to pack all your products and display them in your tradeshow booth. Instead, you could use Virtual Reality to create an entire virtual showroom of all your products at the event venue. Imagine what this could do for products that take a lot of space like automobiles, furniture or large machinery. You could also offer a guided tour of your production unit or workshop to familiarize the consumer with your operational processes and quality standards.

Consumers will be able to see your products up-close and have control over their viewing experience. As in a real-life showroom or a factory visit, they will be able to move around in the 3D virtual space and interact with the products. In terms of conversions, the impact will be immense. The consumers will respond favorably to such an immersive experience when compared to the old-fashioned brochures, posters and videos used in traditional events.

Current Trends in VR Technology

Current trends in the field of ‘VR technology’ indicate that it has become a $17.8 billion industry. Over 1.5 million Virtual Reality Kits were sold in 2018. Industry estimates suggest that by the year 2020, the number of VR users worldwide will cross the 1 billion mark. In Canada, in 2018, VR technology spending has been $602 million, according to the International Data Corporation. By 2022, the annual VR business is expected to reach a whopping $8 billion.

Using Virtual Reality Kits for your Next Trade Event

Vernon Technology Solutions are leaders in providing the most effective VR Kit Rental solutions for business events and tradeshows. Vernon provides Event Technology Rental services to a wide range of customers who want to make their mark in events by using the latest ‘VR technology’, to inform, educate, engage their current and prospective consumers and to generate leads.

In short, ‘VR technology’ with its immense power to influence the human mind, is rapidly becoming the hottest technology for business events and tradeshows.

Now is the time for you to take advantage of this innovative technology and take your business promotions to the next level of customer engagement.

VERNON VR Rental Solutions

To know more about our full scope of our VR rental services, get in touch with one of our computer rental experts today!

Please do contact us for further details.

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The Invictus Games is an international paralympic-style multi-sport event, created by Prince Harry of Wales, to celebrate the bravery of the armed services veterans, wounded in action. This event recognizes their achievements.

As the Invictus Games unfold in Canada, every citizen has a reason to feel proud. James Drohan, Vice President – Vernon, expresses his joy, “It’s a matter of immense pride for citizens of Canada that this iconic event is being hosted in Toronto, as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation. What makes it even more special for us at Vernon, is the opportunity to provide technology support with innovative IT Rental solutions and make this event a grand success.”

Invictus Games 2017 is spread across 14 locations in and around Toronto. Karen Chow, Vernon’s Business Development Manager says, “Our onsite technical support teams are ‘battle-ready’ and fully prepared to meet the challenge. We have provided 160 high quality laptops and barcode scanners to be used at the event venues across Toronto to ensure smooth operations.”

The client’s trust in Vernon, is reflected in the words of Mary Bennet – Senior Manager, Invictus Games Toronto 2017, “As an industry leader with over 30 years of experience in IT, AV and new technology rentals, VERNON was an ideal partner for the week of the Invictus Games Toronto 2017. Their customized services provide the Invictus Games Organizing Committee with the necessary equipment and services required to host what is sure to be the best Invictus Games yet.”

As the technology rental partner of the Invictus Games in Toronto, the team at Vernon Technology Solutions is confident and completely capable of making this, a glorious event.

To Know more about Invictus Games, please visit:



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Powering TED: VERNON provides full-range of Event Technology Solutions for 2017 Annual Conference

Vernon Technology Solutions continues long-standing partnership with PWD Inc. at annual conference in Vancouver, BC

Vernon Technology has been a leading provider of event technology solutions across the United States and Canada for over 30 years.


Vernon Technology Solutions - Client

Formed in 1984, TED is a world-renowned non-profit organization dedicated to spreading powerful ideas through short talks about an increasingly broad range of topics ranging from science, technology and society to business and global issues. The 2017 Annual TED conference was held in Vancouver, British Columbia from April 24-28.

“Vernon was contracted by PDW Inc., the event management company for TED 2017, to supply technology equipment for this year’s conference,” said Jason Le Goff, Business Development Manager at Vernon. “We supplied PDW Inc. a full range of information technology products and services that helped make this year’s conference a huge success. We deployed and supported over 150 products ranging from laptops and mobile devices to wireless colour printers and LED displays.” In addition to hardware, Vernon also provided event organizers with software solutions including MS-Office for Mac and Adobe Creative Suite.

Throughout the four-day conference, Vernon staff worked closely with the PDW Inc. team and volunteers from Apple Inc. ”We had our onsite technical support team working around the clock to meet the needs of the event organizers,” added Le Goff. “Vernon’s products were being used across the entire conference, by speakers on the main stage, in lounges and breakout rooms, by event staff at display and registration areas. Even the hotel and event security staff used Macbook Pro’s provided by us!”

PDW Inc.’s Venue Services Associate, Keltie Wellwood speaks of the collaboration, “It takes a village to create a world class event and we couldn’t have done it without Vernon! We are grateful to the entire Vernon team for all their hard work leading up to and during TED. It was another very successful conference.”

To check out more TED 2017 images, please visit:

To learn more about TED2017, please visit:

To learn more about PDW Inc. Event Management, please visit:

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IdeaLab Interactive Digital Kiosks Available From Vernon Technology

IdeaLab’s interactive kiosks provide a sharp and robust rental solution for engaging attendees at short-term events such as trade shows, conferences and exhibitions


Markham, Ontario – Vernon Technology Solutions has been a leading provider of rental technology products and services across the United States and Canada for over 30 years. In partnership with IdeaLab Innovation, Vernon is offering a new interactive digital kiosk rental solution for organizations seeking to effectively engage attendees at short-term events and other venues.

“Vernon is pleased to continue its partnership with IdeaLab, an established leader in the digital kiosk industry,” said James Drohan, Vice President of Business Development at Vernon. “Combining elegantly designed, high-quality, tablet-like touch screens with integrated WiFi and always on 4G connectivity and a flexible, cloud-based content management system, IdeaLab’s Experiential Digital Kiosks have raised the bar for digital interactive engagement.”

Battery-powered Digital Kiosk
Drawing potential customers at events can often be difficult; keeping them engaged even more challenging. IdeaLab’s 46-inch kiosk and their newly launched battery-powered 32 inch model deliver sharp image quality, a sophisticated but user-friendly interface to fully leverage digital interactivity, and meets the needs of the most demanding environments. Backed by Vernon’s impeccable track record of short-term IT and AV rentals across North America, IdeaLab’s leading-edge kiosk hardware and software can be customized to client specifications. Vernon also offers onsite and offsite teams to ensure seamless operations as well as digital event management tools such as EventMobi a fully featured event technology app, and Mappedin: WayFinder for managing dynamic event spaces.

Innovative Event Technology
“Vernon continues to build on its historic strength of providing comprehensive, high-quality and reliable technology solutions for short-term events. Idealab’s kiosk meet our high standards and as a organization, they continue to push innovation forward by investing in research and development to deliver the best in digital kiosk rental solutions,” added Drohan. “In the second quarter of 2017, Vernon will be offering a variety of new digital products for events that further enhance attendee user experience and improve the financial prospects for our clients.”
To learn more about Vernon Technology Solutions please visit:
To see a video demo of the IdeaLab Digital Kiosk please visit:
To learn more about IdeaLab Innovation Corporation please visit:
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Vernon Rocks at Canada Rocks 2016

MPI Foundation hosted the official opening reception to IncentiveWorks 2016 on Monday, August 15th, 2016. The “Canada Rocks” event was held at Real Sports Bar & Grill, the #1 sports bar in North America as rated by ESPN. Over 800 Meeting and Event professionals reconnected and made new business connections at the event.

Incentive Works is Canada’s largest and longest running conference and trade show, serving the meetings, incentive travel and special events industry for the past 25 years.

Vernon: Technology Partner
Vernon Technology Solutions was proud to partner MPI Foundation as their Technology Partner at Canada Rocks 2016. James Drohan, the Vice-President of Vernon said, “our team worked to provide a solution to the MPI foundation that supported technology for their silent auction tied to the inclusion and display of our Charging Stations and Digital Kiosk devices. There was considerable work in confirming the configuration, content, delivery, install and support at the event. I’m so pleased to say every step of this went off amazingly.”

Online Auction: Powered by Vernon
The annual online auction at the event was powered by Vernon with Laptops, iPads and IdeaLAB Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk placed strategically across the incredible 25,000 Sq Ft. venue. Many delegates enthusiastically bid on Vernon’s Technology products and proceeds from the auction benefitted MPI Foundation to fund educational grants and scholarships in Canada.

IdeaLab: Touchscreen Wonder

The MPI Foundation’s “Not-so-Silent Auction” website was showcased on Vernon’s sleek 46 Inch IdeaLab Touchscreen Kiosk delivering unsurpassed image quality and interactive experience.

Brightbox Charging Stations: Keeping guests super-charged

Vernon Technology Solutions with over 30 years of impeccable track record in IT, AV and new technology rentals across North America further enhanced customer experience by placing state-of-the-art secure Mobile Charging Stations from BrightBox.
The Brightbox Charging Stations elevated the event with its interactive platform to keep the guests charged and connected.

What our Client said about us
MPI and MPI Foundation thanked VERNON for their Technology partnership,
Trevor Lui, Director of Operation and Sustainability, The International Centre summed it up: “The accolades and positive comments continue to flood in all due in part to the tremendous commitment and efforts of you and your amazing team. Your participation helped to add a seamless level of participation from our attendees… Thank you for helping to make Canada Rocks “rock” and I hope we can continue to build on this wonderful partnership as we strive to work endlessly for our industry.”