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How to Utilize a Branded Charging Station

In an era where everyone is always on their phones, charging stations have become a very popular way to attract attention and encourage engagement among customers and clients.

Many companies are using charging stations as branding opportunities. Make sure you’re utilizing branded charging stations properly by following some of these helpful tips:

Speak:​ Ensure you are using the proper language for your audience. Use this as an opportunity to showcase just the brand logo or to say something more about your company and what you are doing.

Colours:​ Make sure the colours used on the branded Charging Stations are visually pleasing and eye catching and ensure you are using branded colours in order to support your company’s brand identity.

Visuals:​ Use the built in screens and media players on the Bright Box and V-Charge charging stations to run a slideshow or video to promote your brand.

Call-To-Action:​ Encourage customers and clients to follow your social media channels while charging their devices by sharing your company’s social media profiles on the charging station.

Table Branding:​ Allow people to eat, drink and charge their phones at a charging table, such as the Hi-Top table, covered in your branding. If you are limited with space, you can also place branded charging stations in the middle of tables as centerpieces to be used as central hubs.

Information Stations:​ Give people something to do while they charge their phones at your branded charging station by providing information about your company such as, as brochures or other promotional material.

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Top Innovative Tech Trends of 2019

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Over the years, we have gone through many different trends in the tech industry, such as blu-ray DVDs, mobile phones, wireless Internet and desktop videoconferencing. Nowadays, businesses are more concerned with trends that allow them to stay connected to make their day-to-day activities easier.

Some of the top innovative tech trends of 2019 include:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Although it has been around since 1956, AI is still an emerging trend in our current society. Used in navigation apps, smart home devices and to schedule trains, AI technology is able to mimic human intelligence in a faster and more accurate way than humans. Businesses have begun using AI for money-saving tasks such as assessing business risk.

Machine Learning – Similar to AI, Machine Learning uses human intelligence to learn and discover new patterns to learn things they weren’t originally programmed to do such as image and facial recognition.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – This technology allows us to use machines to do all the repetitive tasks that people used to do, such as replying to emails or processing transactions. People are always saying robots are coming for our jobs and this has never been more true with RPA. However, with the removal of menial task jobs, RPA also creates many other job opportunities.

Blockchain – While it is often associated with cryptocurrency, Blockchain creates a chain of data that you are able to add on to but cannot remove or change. Businesses are beginning to use this secure data chain for banking and insurance as it negates the use of a trusted third-party to validate transactions.

Cyber Security – Similar to AI, Cyber Security has been around for a long time. In a world that is constantly changing, especially regarding technology, it is always in need of evolving itself. With hackers becoming more skilled it is important for cyber security to adapt to any incoming threats.

Internet of Things (IoT) – Today, everywhere has wifi and everything is connected to the Internet. IoT refers to the providing wifi connectivity to everyday ‘things’ such as home appliances, cars, etc. Whether it is locking your front door from your phone, tracking your fitness or booking a taxi, IoT keeps you connected.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) – Primarily used for gaming to immerse and enhance a user in a specific environment, VR and AR have been making their way into the business world. These popular trends are now being used for education, training, marketing and entertainment purposes.

Stay connected and don’t miss out on these trends. Call 1-877-752-0916 or click here to inquire how Vernon can keep you trending with our VR hardware.