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Technology Risks to Your Business

Technology risks are difficult to predict, but now is the time to prepare for them. Taking precautions and following a few simple steps can help you ensure your business remains productive, efficient, and cost-effective.

While you are downsizing, shifting to a hybrid model or upgrading your old IT equipment, it is important that your data is kept secure, which will help reduce technology risks.

Here are some tips on how to reduce technology risks to your business:

Backup your data

It is possible to reduce the chances of IT risks by doing proper backups. Backups are created to ensure that data can be recovered if the primary copy is lost. Data failures can be caused by hardware or software failures, data corruption, or human error, such as a malicious attack (virus or malware) or an accidental deletion. Additionally, backing up your data daily to a remote location ensures that you will never lose more than a day’s worth of work.

Wipe old equipment

When disposing of old IT equipment, it is important to ensure the equipment is wiped to ensure data security. Throwing away equipment without wiping it exposes sensitive information.

Security Measures

To keep data safe, it is important to adopt a security policy. Ensure data security by implementing policies that your employees must follow. By requiring passwords for internet use and software downloads you can minimize technology risks to your business.


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How To Do Small Business Technology


Providing technology for your small business can be challenging and expensive. While you may not be at the forefront of developing or sourcing new technology, it is still vital to your business’ efficiency and growth. COVID-19 has changed technology trends and will continue to do so in 2023. Since working from home is an increasingly common practice, businesses must find laptops that are both secure and functional. Renting laptops for your small business ensures that your workers have quality products that they can replace when they need to. 

Here are some tips on how to boost your small business with technology

Optimize your website

A website represents your company and is often the first thing your customers see when they visit. Make sure your site is easy to navigate, non-text-heavy, and visually appealing. Additionally, you should ensure your site is optimized to rank highly on the internet when compared to similar businesses.

Get busy on social media

Social media is crucial to building awareness of your brand or business. Get busy on social media by engaging with your customers and marking your territory. Social media is a great way to engage with your audience by being supportive and helpful.

Supply your employees with laptops

Due to the shifting workforce, providing your employees with laptops can help them get their work done from anywhere. The best part about renting laptops is that you can trade in your old equipment and get the latest technology while still saving money.

Technology can be challenging for small businesses to use, but if done right, it can help you stand out and succeed. Looking to rent technology equipment? Vernon offers a wide range of technology rentals including laptops, computers, iPads and more! Talk to us today about your technology rental