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Gaming Industry Takes Over

gaming industry

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Over the last few years there has been a huge shift in th
e entertainment industry. The gaming industry has seen significant growth and has become the most popular and profitable forms of entertainment.

In the last year, the gaming industry was estimated to have produced $116 billion, over $10 billion more than TV or TV streaming services. The gaming industry has seen a 10.7 percent growth in the last year and has no signs of stopping. 

The diverse industry for gaming provides users with various ways of consumption, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a mobile user. Gaming has become normalized and readily available for use in everyday life. Nowadays everyone has a mobile device and access to various games allowing them to play games whenever they want. 

One of the most significant changes to the gaming universe is the shift of it being an antisocial and individual experience to being an interactive experience. There is now a large participant aspect associated with video games whether it is watching YouTube videos or attending e-sport events.

E-sporting events are now just as popular as regular sporting events. Many schools and organizations have even created e-sport teams in order to get more involved. Furthermore, videos of people playing video games on YouTube are some of the most popular videos to watch online. YouTube influencers like PewDiePie have over 102M subscribers and average 5M views on gaming related videos. 

With the significant growth in the gaming industry, we have been able to see some really cool new gaming advances. Check out some of our favourite ones below. 

New Gaming Advancements:

    • Cybershoes – Cybershoes are gaming shoes that allow one to walk and run in the Virtual world all while sitting in real life.
    • VR Suits – VR Suits allow you to feel things in the Virtual world (including gun shots) giving users a “real” Virtual Reality experience.
    • Updates to Motion Tracking – Many of the problems and barriers associated with motion tracking have been addressed making it more accurate. 
    • Nintendo Switch Copies – New products mimicking the Nintendo Switch are proving to be just as good if not better, such as the LYRA or Google Stadia. These new advancements allow users to play video games wherever they are. 
    • Gaming Monitors – New gaming monitors have been created to provide a better user experience like the Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor with a curved display.  

Dip your toes into the gaming universe with our VR rentals. For information on how Vernon can help you put on your own e-sport event or improve your gaming experience call us at 1-877-752-0916 or email us at

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Say Goodbye to Windows 7

Laptop Rentals & Devices With The Latest Software

Last month Microsoft officially put an end to Windows 7. After 10 years, Microsoft will no longer be providing support, security updates or bug fixes to Windows 7 users. Instead, the company plans to focus more on technology that provides its users with new experiences.

For the approximately 200 million remaining PCs around the world, this means they will no longer have protected services causing a serious security risk to themselves or their organization. Due to the mainstream use of Windows 7, those who do not update risk being targeted by hackers and viruses who attempt to exploit those who haven’t upgraded.

This can be especially risky for companies dealing with the data of others as it puts those associated with the company at risk as well. The longer companies risk not upgrading, the higher the risk to security.

Because of this severity of risk associated with this change, there have been several recommendations and options given to users on how they can minimize any risks.


  • Upgrade to Windows 10 – Depending on how old your device is, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for only US$119.
  • Upgrade your Device – Purchase new devices compatible with Windows 10. While this may be the most costly solution – it is the highest recommended.
  • Upgrade to Linux – A free alternative to Windows 7, Linux is specifically designed to run on older computers.
  • Upgrade through Windows Media Creation Tool – Users with a Windows 7 or 8 license key are able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free by upgrading through the Windows Media Creation Tool. While this option may be free, it may be more confusing to some users and does not work for Windows Enterprise users.
  • Get Windows 7 Extended Security Updates – While not highly recommended, this option will protect you against any threat deemed critical or important. It is important to note that this option is only available for the next 3 years.

If for any reason you cannot upgrade your devices, ensure you protect yourself.

Trips to Protect Yourself:

  • Add security layers and ensure you are using antivirus software to detect any threats
  • Implement email protection
  • Provide your employees with security awareness training
  • Try to avoid using the internet on Windows 7 devices and add mitigating controls so you can control who has access
  • Uninstall all unnecessary software and disable any unneeded services

While this transition may be more difficult for some companies, Vernon can help you with your shift. Rent up to date devices and avoid major security risks during your transition to purchasing or upgrading your products. Call us at 1-877-752-0916 or email us at to discuss your options today.