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Think Twice about Relying on Venue Wifi for Your Event

Portable Wifi Canada

If you’re attending or hosting an event there’s a lot of logistical issues you need to consider and one crucial element is wifi. Having internet access is a must for most exhibitors these days and simply relying on what’s provided by the venue can be a risky solution. We’re going to take you through some of the pit falls of relying solely on your venue wifi and how you can overcome these potential issues by getting your own independent access.

Reliable and Fast Wifi

Are you going to a tradeshow or exhibiting at multiple locations? Your needs for a fast and stable connection to the internet won’t change but the venue will always be an unknown variable. Until you’re on the ground at the venue, you won’t know what you’re getting. Most venues provide wifi for the public and may be sufficient for some light browsing or filling out an online application but not enough bandwidth for your specialized needs. To avoid having to worry about network capabilities across multiple locations you can bring your own wifi connection. With wifi rental service you can have peace of mind that your connection is stable, fast, and allows for multiple access points. Don’t let a technical issue like slow or spotty internet ruin your next event.

Make More Efficient Use of Your Budget

When you’re relying on the venue to provide your wifi connection you may be limited when it comes to pricing and plans. Depending on the speed and number of access points you could be charged a premium for addons. This is especially true if you need to have dedicated bandwidth for unlimited users. You can plan for events more efficiently when you know all the variables upfront. Renting portable wifi is often less expensive and gives you a wider selection of plans which can go with you to multiple locations. Get the one setup that works for your event without overspend on your budget.

Flexible Plans

With one trusted provider you know you’ll always have the same flexible options. With a wifi rental partner like Vernon you can get unlimited internet access that is flexiblet You get 5G connection to wifi enabled devices and options for personal wireless hotspots. We also have flexible rental plans for short to long term needs. If you know Vernon then you’re familiar with our great customer service and reliable support and setup. Don’t stress about your connection because with Vernon you always have options.

Portable Wifi Canada

If you’re interested in learning more about our portable wifi rental services then talk to one of our rental experts today!

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Why charging stations are great for festivals!

As a leading provider of technology solutions for events, Vernon offers a wide range of IT rental services to businesses across various industries.

With a focus on delivering innovative solutions to its customers, Vernon has carved out a niche in the IT rental industry by providing top-of-the-line equipment and exceptional customer service. Whether it’s for a trade show, conference, or corporate event, Vernon’s IT rental solutions can help businesses meet their technology needs while staying within budget.

One of the standout products from Vernon’s IT rental lineup is our brand-able charging stations. These charging stations are designed to provide booth engagement and increase the amount of time attendees spend at a booth during a trade show. In addition, they also offer a potential revenue source for businesses through the sale of marketing space on the charging station’s tabletop.

These brand-able charging stations are sleek and modern, with a customizable design that can be tailored to fit a business’s branding and messaging. They offer multiple charging ports for smartphones and other mobile devices, ensuring that attendees can keep their devices charged throughout the event.

At trade shows and other events, attendees are often on the go and may not have access to traditional charging outlets. Vernon’s brand-able charging stations provide a convenient solution for attendees to recharge their devices, while also offering businesses a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers.

Furthermore, Vernon’s brand-able charging stations can help businesses increase foot traffic to their booth and potentially lead to more engaged conversations with attendees. By offering a convenient charging solution and a unique branding opportunity, these charging stations can help businesses stand out from their competitors and create a more memorable experience for attendees.

Learn more at:

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Rent a Laptop in Toronto

Are you looking to rent a laptop for a team or for personal use? Rent a laptop with Vernon Technology Solutions and have it delivered anywhere in Canada! Whether you’re a Canadian company or just need devices while your team or event is here, we’re the rental partner you need. Vernon offers special applications and accessories that can be added to rental laptops or notebooks including extra memory and more powerful processors! We’re available to provide nationwide service and support to organizations with on-site tech support, easy returns and flexible terms!

We Service these major cities

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Ottawa
  • Edmonton
  • Winnipeg
  • Vancouver

Laptop Rental FAQs

You can rent a laptop by simply visiting our website and choosing what type of device you would like to rent! If you are having difficulty choosing a device our experts would be happy to help. We have loads of experience in finding the right device and model that fits your specific needs. We’re available to provide nationwide service and support to organizations, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Click Here to contact us!

The cost of our devices depends on the brand, model and rental period you are looking for. Simply complete our quote form or request a consultation with one of our rental experts to learn more.

We provide laptop rentals across Canada! Whether you’re in Toronto, Vancouver, Mississauga or the GTA you can have your rental delivered right to your door. We also provide a pickup service which makes returns easy.

With our flexible rental terms, you can get a range of laptop rentals in small or large quantities and for periods of 1 day or 1 year. Talk to one of our rental experts today to see how we can help your small business succeed.

We carry a wide range of laptop accessories. Talk to one of our rental experts today to learn more!

We have an extensive inventory of devices from the world-class brands that you want. We offer Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Apple and more!

You can rent a laptop by visiting our website! We deliver across Canada and you can even have it delivered right to your door!

Of course! Talk to us about how long you would like to extend your rental and we would be happy to help.

Learn More about Laptop Rentals

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What You Need to Know Before Renting a Computer

Renting a computer can be better than buying because you are not forced to make a huge commitment, especially if you are purchasing multiple devices. You can test out laptops with a rental service to find out which one best fits your needs. At Vernon Technology, we offer flexible rental plans and customizable options to fit your needs.

If you are interested in renting a computer for your team, your first step is to find the right computer rental company for you. Ask questions like; What are their rental periods like? Do they deliver? Where are they located? 

Your next step is to write down what your employees will need to do on a daily basis. This information can give you a better idea of the type of devic that would best work. If you are unsure, give us a call at 1.877.752.0916we are available to provide nationwide service and support to organizations, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Renting a quality product is important as it will provide you with quality service.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a laptop

Depending on what you are using the computer for it’s important for you to understand the basics of what a good computer looks like. It mostly comes down to build quality.

These are the questions you should ask before you choose a laptop.

  • Does it feel sturdy?
  • What is the material?
  • Is a webcam included?
  • What does the touchpad feel like?
  • What do the keys feel like?
  • What is the battery like?
  • Is it noisy?
  • What is the memory like?
  • What is the speed like?
  • What size of display do I like?
  • Are the USB prts and headphone/audio jacks accessible (side, back, front)?
Asking all of these questions can help ensure you get the right computer for you and your team.

Vernon Computer Rentals

At Vernon, we offer a wide variety of computer rentals. From laptops to workstations we can help you find the right device that fits your team. We offer flexible rental plans and can deliver across Canada.  Click here to learn more about our computer rentals or talk to one of our rental experts today!

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Choose an iPad Rental!

apple ipad rental

Are you thinking of purchasing an Apple iPad? Well, you should consider an iPad rental instead! This device rental is a perfect solution for short to medium-term organizational requirements. Whether you are equipping employees who work from home, in-person, or hybrid, providing your students with remote learning technology, or hosting an event, an iPad is the way to go! Read below for our take on why you should rent this amazing device.

Hardware & Software Benefits

  • Ability to run powerful apps like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office
  • iPads are light, compact, and easy to transport
  • iPads have an all-day battery life
  • Offers the ability to use multiple apps at once and work between them
  • Organize, share, and access files with the Files app
  • Ability to integrate cellular capabilities to stay connected while away from Wi-Fi
  • Accessory add-ons such as the Apple Pencil, allowing you to take handwritten notes, journal, or brainstorming

iPad Rental Terms

With an iPad rental, there is no commitment for how short or long-term you must rent the device. You can rent for a day/week/month/year depending on your needs.

Rent vs. Buy

The bottom line for renting vs. buying an iPad is the cost. Purchasing this type of device can be a costly investment for your organization. With an iPad rental, you can budget your monthly expenses based on convenience, no-commitment rental terms and affordability.

Get an iPad rental from Vernon!

vernon ipad rental

We make renting iPads in Canada easy. Whether you’re a Canadian company or just need devices while your team or event is here, we’re the rental partner you need! Click here to learn more about our iPad rentals or click here to talk to one of our rental experts today!

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Improve Trade Show Engagement with Virtual Reality

virtual reality trade show

Virtual reality (VR) is a great way to leave a lasting impression on attendees at your next trade show booth. Not only does it provide an interactive experience, but it also helps to create hype and excitement for your product or service. With there being so many brands trying to create a name for themselves at a trade show, conference, or exhibition, it can be difficult to stand out. VR is a great marketing tactic to help improve your booth engagement and retention. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Standing out amongst the many other brands at a trade show is crucial for brand recall, post-event. Integrating a fun and interactive experience such as virtual reality will help increase foot traffic to your booth and engage and retain attendees at your booth.

Implement a Virtual Reality Demo

Implementing and integrating a VR experience at your trade show booth is an excellent way to attract attendees walking by. A virtual reality demo provides an immersive space for attendees to engage and interact with your product or service in a true-to-life experience.

Tell Your Brand's Story

With a VR storytelling experience, attendees can genuinely connect with your brand’s story and mission, vision, and values to promote retention for your product or service.

Create an Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual reality creates a space where attendees can fully immerse in the product or service offering, learn how it works and understand the story behind it, all with a hands-on experience. This immersive environment offers a unique experience to help boost engagement in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Get a Vernon VR Rental

virtual reality rental

Are you ready to improve trade show engagement with virtual reality? Vernon offers a variety of VR rentals to keep your attendees intrigued and captivated while at your booth. Click here to learn more about our VR rentals or click here to talk to one of our rental experts today!

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Rent or Buy: iPad for Education

learn with ipad for education

Every student learns and expresses creativity in different ways. An Apple iPad empowers educators and students to learn, create and define their own educational success. Whether you are currently in K-12, university/college, or higher education, choosing to rent an iPad will help to teach, innovate, and inspire every student! Can’t decide between renting or buying an iPad? Read below for the benefits of an iPad rental for education.


iPads are small and lightweight compared to a laptop and fit perfectly in a backpack or school bag.


With school running 8-10 months out of the year, iPad rentals provide flexibility with rental terms. For example, Vernon offers short to medium terms, so you are not locked into a lengthy contract.


Purchasing an iPad can be a costly upfront investment. An iPad rental offers the opportunity to save until you can afford the price tag of an iPad.

Increased Productivity

“75% of teachers say that technology-based lessons are more likely to help students with critical thinking, problem-solving and connecting learning to the real world,” (Apple, 2022). iPads also provide amazing features to help boost productivity such as turning handwriting or voice memos into typed text, Sidecar, Spaces, Reminders, Calendar and more.

Go Green

Ditch your notebook and pencil—choose to go green with an iPad rental. You can purchase digital textbooks, load digital documents and PDFs, and complete assignments, and coursework to reduce the number of paper materials used in the classroom.

Continue Your Educational Journey with Vernon

ipad for education

Vernon offers the widest range of Apple iPad rentals with the latest iOS, data plan, custom apps and IT hardware support to help continue your education journey both inside and outside the classroom. Enhance your learning environment with the power of technology – Get a quote today!

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The Best Laptops for Graphic Designers

vernon best laptops for graphic designers

Whether you’re creating a new logo, designing a flyer or a website with captivating graphics and visuals, graphic designers need to be equipped with the right type of technology to complete projects effectively. The best laptops for graphic design should have multi-core processors and a great deal of RAM, to run apps and work on multiple files of varying sizes. As a graphic designer, you need a laptop you can rely on. Read below for the best laptops for graphic designers.

Apple MacBook Pro

vernon macbook pro

An Apple MacBook Pro laptop is our top pick for the best laptop for graphic designers. MacBook Pros are widely used by the creative industry and graphic designers because of their high quality, design, power, and compatibility with creative app software (i.e., Adobe Creative Suite). An Apple MacBook Pro gives the powerful advantage of completing graphic design tasks, XDR screen and prolonged battery life. Click here to learn more about the Apple MacBook Pro.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is our second choice for the best laptop for graphic designers. This device is built for performance – allowing you to build apps, edit videos, render animations and more. In studio mode, you can write and draw with incredible shading and pressure sensitivity with a touch display and compatible pen tools. Click here to learn more about the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio.

vernon microsoft surface laptop studio

Dell XPS Laptop

vernon dell xps laptop

The Dell XPS laptop is our third choice for the best laptop for graphic designers. XPS configurations badged with Creator Edition have been carefully selected for those wishing to cultivate their content creation skills—be it graphic design, photography or beyond. The NVIDIA® GPU is backed by exclusive and free Studio Drivers that bring out the best in your creative apps. The drivers are built in partnership with app developers like Adobe and Autodesk to continually improve your experience and extensively tested to let you embark on your most ambitious projects. Click here to learn more about the Dell XPS.

Get Creative with Vernon!

Whether you need an Apple or Windows device, Vernon can empower your creative team! These laptops are great for graphic designers and the use of Adobe Creative Suite. Get a quote today!

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Virtual Reality: Enhance Your Classroom Learning

virtual reality for classroom

Educators are avidly looking for innovative ways for learning to be transferred easier, swiftly, and effectively. In today’s digital world, we can adopt technologies into the classroom to help students grasp curriculums in engaging and imaginative ways.

Virtual reality can be used to positively enhance student learning and engagement. “VR education can transform the way educational content is delivered; it works on the premise of a virtual world – real or imagined – and allows users not only see it but interact with it. Being immersed in what you’re learning motivated you to fully understand it,” (Adobe, 2019). Virtual reality provides a hands-on, immersive learning experience while engaging all the senses: allowing a student to watch, listen and interact.

Top 10 reasons virtual reality will help enhance your classroom learning experience:

  1. Travel to and explore new places all over the world without leaving the classroom.
  2. Develop empathy for communities in crisis by stepping into their shoes.
  3. Experience different careers first-hand.
  4. Explore the depths of the ocean and the vastness of the space
  5. Time travel to key events and places from the past.
  6. Explore within the human body.
  7. Allow students to share their world with others by creating their own VR content.
  8. Discover how VR can be used in other industries like medicine, engineering, entertainment, and real estate.
  9. Explore how VR can be integrated into every subject area and curriculum.
  10. Promote curiosity and wonder!
Source: Maria Galanis & Andrea Trudeau

Create an Immersive Learning Experience with Vernon’s VR Rentals

Vernon provides a wide range of VR rental solutions to generate realistic images, sound and other sensations never experienced before. Get in touch with us today and create a true-to-life immersive experience in your classroom environment. Get a quote today!

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Green Technology Solutions with Vernon

green technology

At Vernon, we believe by using green technology throughout our processes will equate to a greener tomorrow. As a top provider choice in the OEM, our parent company DCR Systems Group Inc.’s mission is to practice green initiatives in all our lines of business. DCR prides itself in being a key differentiatorwith high regard for sustainability¾as we utilize the greenest methods throughout our supply chain.

ITAD Solutions

As part of our managed services, we offer IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions to our clients including, the reuse and redeploying of retired IT assets (laptops, smartphones, and tablets). The exponential reuse of technology through our rental program raises the bar in our industry for innovative ways to implement sustainable initiatives. We drive peace of mind, knowing our services are contributing positively to our environment and the planet. Click here to learn more about our ITAD services.

Power Your CSR Plan with Vernon

What sustainable practices have your organization incorporated into your corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan? Perhaps a walk or bike to work program, use of recycling & compost bins in the workplace? Go the extra mile by powering your CSR plan with Vernon & DCR’s ITAD and redeployment program. On top of receiving monetary value for your old IT equipment, you will contribute positively to our planet. Contact us today to learn more about engaging our ITAD services to boost the effectiveness of your CSR plan.

We are Green!

Vernon & DCR are proud to be a sustainable + green company. By partnering with us, you can ensure green practices are carried through all our lines of business and supply chain across Canada.

  • R2 certified
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certified
  • All facilities are powered by 100% clean green energy provided by Bullfrog Power
  • 100% LED and motion-sensitive lighting used throughout our facilities
  • 100% green fuelled fleet vehicles

Our Commitment to a Better Future!

Vernon & DCR are always looking for innovative ways to build a better, sustainable future. We observe and study within our company to find synergies between current activities and the positive outcomes of implementing sustainable practices. Together, we seek out the synergies where sustainable practices already exist and outline areas for improvement to minimize environmental impacts.

Go Green with Vernon by contacting us today!