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Make Your Event Budget Go Further with Rentals

Make Your Event Budget Go Further with Rentals

Make your event budget go further with rentals. If you’re working with a less than ideal budget for your next corporate event don’t let that hinder your ideas. You can still achieve a stunning event or trade show with the right equipment rental partner. Here are a few tips that can help you build a unique and engaging event for less.

Leverage Digital Displays

Printing large backdrops, banners, or signs can be very costly especially when you have to travel with all that equipment with you. Reduce the cost for decorating your event or trade show booth by renting large format displays instead. Another advantage with digital displays is having the option for multi-media content and even interactive content if you opt for touch screen displays. Digital displays are much more engaging than having printed signage and when you’re done with them there’s no waste.

Give You Access to Specialized Equipment

Events often require specialized equipment that may not be used frequently outside of the event context. Renting allows organizers to access a wide range of specialized equipment tailored to your specific needs without the burden of owning and storing items that may only be used occasionally.

Rentals Provide Greater Scalability

Events may experience changes in attendance or scope, requiring adjustments to the equipment setup. Renting allows organizers to easily scale the quantity and type of equipment up or down to accommodate changes in event size or requirements, without the constraints of owning fixed assets.

Better Transportation and Logistics

Renting equipment often includes delivery, setup, and pickup services, saving organizers time and effort on transportation and logistics. Rental companies can handle the logistics of transporting equipment to and from the event venue, as well as setting up and dismantling the equipment as needed. With a national rental partner, you can also reduce emissions as well because local vendors can facilitate orders reducing the distance equipment will need to be shipped.

Overall, renting equipment for events offers a cost-effective and flexible solution that allows organizers to access specialized equipment, maintain flexibility, and focus their resources on creating memorable and successful events. Make your event budget go further with rentals.

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Get Laptop Rentals: Avoiding These Mistakes

getting laptop rentals avoid these mistakes

Getting laptop rentals have become an integral part of modern business operations, educational endeavors, and event planning. Whether you’re organizing a conference, facilitating a workshop, or addressing a short-term business need, renting laptops can offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness. However, like any aspect of event or project management, there are common pitfalls that one should be aware of to ensure a seamless experience. In this guide, we’ll delve into the mistakes that are often made when renting laptops and provide insights on how to avoid them.

Laptop Technical Requirements

One of the most common mistakes when renting laptops is failing to thoroughly assess the technical requirements of your event or project. Different tasks demand different specifications, from processing power to storage capacity. By neglecting this crucial step, you risk renting laptops that may not meet the needs of your users, leading to performance issues and potential disruptions.

Device Compatibility

Compatibility is key when integrating rented laptops into existing systems or networks. Ensure that the rented laptops are compatible with your software, peripherals, and any other hardware you plan to use. Ignoring compatibility issues can result in connectivity problems, software conflicts, and a frustrating user experience.

Security Concerns

Security is paramount when it comes to handling sensitive data and information. Overlooking security features such as encryption, password protection, and antivirus software can expose your organization to potential data breaches. Always prioritize laptops with robust security features to safeguard your data and maintain the integrity of your operations.

Laptop Power Needs

Events and projects often require laptops to operate for extended periods. Underestimating power needs can lead to situations where devices run out of battery mid-presentation or critical task. Opt for laptops with long battery life or consider additional power sources, such as charging stations, to keep devices powered throughout the duration of your event.


Connectivity is a vital aspect of laptop rentals, especially in today’s interconnected world. Failing to check for necessary ports, Wi-Fi capabilities, or network compatibility can result in disruptions to communication and collaboration. Verify that the rented laptops have the required connectivity options to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Before finalizing a laptop rental agreement, carefully review the terms and conditions. Pay attention to details such as rental duration, return policies, and any potential penalties for damages. Neglecting these details may lead to unexpected costs and complications down the line.

Testing Your Rental Laptops

Testing rented laptops before the actual event or project is crucial. This includes checking hardware functionality, software compatibility, and overall performance. Failing to test the devices in advance can result in last-minute technical glitches that could have been avoided with proper preparation.

Renting laptops can be a strategic decision for various purposes, but avoiding common mistakes is essential for a successful experience. By thoroughly assessing technical requirements, ensuring compatibility, prioritizing security, estimating power needs, checking connectivity options, having a backup plan, reviewing terms and conditions, and testing laptops beforehand, you can navigate the laptop rental process with confidence. Steer clear of these mistakes, and you’ll unlock the full potential of laptop rentals for your events and projects.

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Product Demos: How to Create Success

product demos how to create success

Product demos are a powerful tool in the world of sales and marketing. A well-executed demo can captivate your audience, showcase your product’s unique features, and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re presenting a physical product, software, or a service, the key to success lies in pulling off an amazing product demo.

1. Know Your Audience:

Before diving into your product demos, it’s crucial to understand your audience. Tailor your presentation to address the specific needs and pain points of your target audience. Consider the level of technical expertise, industry knowledge, and the goals of your viewers. By customizing your demo to resonate with your audience, you’ll increase engagement and make a stronger connection.

2. Start with a Compelling Story:

Craft a narrative that engages your audience from the start. Share a story that highlights the problem your product solves and how it can make a difference in their lives or businesses. A compelling story not only captures attention but also helps your audience relate to the product on a personal level.

3. Showcase Key Features Strategically:

Identify the key features of your product that set it apart from the competition. Prioritize showcasing these features during your demo, emphasizing how they address the specific pain points of your audience. Keep in mind that quality often trumps quantity – focus on the most impactful features rather than overwhelming your audience with too much information.

4. Use Real-life Scenarios:

Make your product relatable by demonstrating its use in real-life scenarios. Create situations that resonate with your audience’s daily challenges and show how your product provides practical solutions. This approach helps your audience visualize the product’s benefits in their own context, making it more compelling and convincing.

5. Interact and Engage:

Encourage audience participation by incorporating interactive elements into your demo. Solicit feedback, ask questions, and involve your viewers in the experience. This not only keeps them engaged but also allows you to address any concerns or doubts in real-time, showcasing your product’s versatility and adaptability.

6. The Right Tech Equipment:

Whether you’re presenting to a boardroom or to a large crowd at your next trade show, the right equipment will elevate your pitch and showcase your product in a memorable way. Create a compelling experience for your audience with the right large format displays, projectors, or touchscreens. If you can’t bring your product to the showroom floor then allow your attendees to interact with it in a virtual world with VR technology. Tablets and other hand held devices can be great to demo software and give your prospective customers a personalized experience that puts them in the driver’s seat. All of this and more is possible when you have the right rental partner. Expand your horizons with cutting-edge, engaging technology that will impress your audience and exemplify your product.

Mastering the art of product demos requires a thoughtful combination of preparation, storytelling, and audience engagement. By understanding your audience, crafting a compelling narrative, showcasing key features strategically, using real-life scenarios, encouraging interaction, and incorporating the right tech, you can pull off amazing product demos that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Elevate your sales and marketing efforts by transforming your product demonstrations into memorable experiences that drive success.

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Rentals for Traveling Trade Shows

Traveling Trade Shows

Are you participating in cross-country traveling trade shows this year? Whether you’re going across the nation or just out of town, you should consider the benefits of renting your event equipment versus bringing your own. Having all of your equipment and devices shipped to each event location can be a logistical nightmare especially if you’re not well versed in all the possible pitfalls of a traveling trade show. We have decades of experience helping companies pull off these kinds of events all across Canada. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider renting over shipping.

Traveling Trade Shows Logistics and Shipping Costs

Ensuring that your event equipment is where it needs to be at the right time can be a major pain point. Whether you’re coordinating shipping or managing the transportation yourself it’s a lot of work and a lot of variables. You don’t want to be responsible for dealing with the risk associated with traveling long distances with delicate equipment. Shipping a large quantity of heavy equipment from province to province is not just challenging but also not cost-effective. You can eliminate all of these headaches by renting locally or through a provider that has local partners. We provide rental services to all of Canada which means we can handle traveling trade shows with ease. With our large inventory you get the same types of devices where ever you go and shorter delivery distances mean less shipping costs.

On the Road Technical Support

If you’re managing the transportation of your own devices then you’ll also be responsible for any technical issues that may occur on the road. Equipment can be damaged anytime during shipping, setup, or disassembly. You can also face unexpected software issues or technical failures due to wear and tear. Are you ready to handle these kinds of problems while on the road? Where will you get replacements devices if your equipment is not salvageable? With a comprehensive rental partner, you can get support for these kinds of problems on the go. We can provide equipment setup, on-site support, and replacement devices.

Environmental Concerns

We all want to contribute to a greener future and the easiest way to start helping is by reducing consumption. Whether you have the budget to purchase your own event equipment it’s a more environmentally-friendly solution to rent instead. When you rent, you’re not only reducing the number of devices on the market but you’re also extending the life of those devices. At Vernon we believe in green practices and are R2 certifiedrecyclers while also being bullfrogpowered. Another benefit we provide is our local network that reduces the distance equipment needs to travel, cutting not only shipping costs but also emissions.

We can make the management of a travelling trade show easier by allowing you to offload your equipment responsibilities to us. Not only can we provide you with the right equipment and devices for your show we can also ship them to locations across Canada as you need them. While this is happening you can rest easy knowing that any technical issues that arise will be address by us. We can help you reduce the cost both to your bottom line and to the environment as well. So, if you’re planning a traveling trade show this year consider talking to us about your equipment and see how we can help make your experience better.

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Are iPads Good for Training Programs?

Are ipads good for training programs

Staff training is a crucial aspect of any business whether it’s onboarding of new team members or upskilling employees through internal training programs. If you want to achieve the greatest possible learning outcomes then you should consider what tools you use or provide to your team. iPads can be a suitable tool to help provide a better learning experience for your staff.

Multiple Forms of Information

Teaching with a digital medium is great for incorporating a multimedia approach. Everyone has a different learning style and reading alone may not provide information in the most engaging or digestible manner. This is especially true when teaching complex concepts that require detailed visual aids or models. With an iPad you can supplement text information with instructional video or even interactive visuals examples.

iPads Make it Interactive

Theory can only take you so far especially in physical or sales-oriented roles. Whether you’re teaching staff to operate machinery or to interact with customers it’s helpful to provide opportunities for interaction and practice. An iPad allows you to create interactive lessons all on one platform and makes it easy for participants to engage with the lesson just through touch. Depending on the type of training you’re providing, staff can either practice directly on the device or bring it with them on the job and receive instruction while in real world situations.

Learn From Anywhere

The form factor of an iPad is great for all kinds of training environments. Whether you’re in a facility, office, or on a job site, there’s an iPad that can fit your needs. iPads come in various sizes and also have a large marketplace of accessories that make carrying and using the device compatible with all kinds of tasks. This allows your staff to learn directly in the field without having to carry around heavy manuals or textbooks. Combine this with interactive instructions and you can provide an engaging and personal learning experience.

iPads Can be Cost Effective

You can cut costs by keeping your lessons digital. Physical manuals or textbooks can be a financial burden especially if the information needs to be kept up to date resulting in many reprints. Paper can also be damaged, defaced, or lost while an iPad can be protected with durable cases, secured with encryption, and even tracked with GPS. While you can choose to buy and maintain your own devices, renting your iPads on an “as needed” basis can eliminate the need for upkeep and renewal making this an even more cost-effective solution.

Access to Apps

With an iPad you have access to Apple’s App Store and a multitude of digital tools that can help you craft the perfect training program. Whether it’s putting together presentations or filming and editing video you can do it all from an iPad. You can even supplement your lessons with other learning apps available on the platform. Taking advantage of existing resources online can help you build lessons faster or just use off the shelve solutions.

At the end of the day, you should consider what kind of training you’re providing and how your training method impacts learning outcomes. Everyone learns in their own way and at their own pace so providing multiple ways to engage with content can make the process easier and produce better results. With an iPad you can create an up-to-date interactive multimedia learning experience that can take place in real world environments.

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Festival Planning Tips

festival planning tips

We’ve worked with many festival organizers and over the years we’ve gotten the opportunity to see how some of the most well-known festivals operate. Festival planning, no matter the size is never a straight forward task and requires coordination and teamwork. We have experience with a variety of conferences, corporate and recreational festivals. While we’re not event planners we do have some wisdom to share about the planning process when it comes equipment rentals.

Planning Your Festivals

Festival planning requires organizers to work together. While the efficacy of working remote has greatly improved with technology, we’re still seeing many organizations set up temporary offices. Having a physical space for your team to collaborate can make the process easier and allows you to generate ideas in a more spontaneous manner. Compare that to working remotely where you have to reach out constantly and set up meetings to share ideas. The planning stages of an event can often be a hectic and rushed one so, creating a focused space where your team can efficiently coordinate with each other is crucial.

Empower Your Staff

Setting up a great work space for your staff means providing the right equipment for everyone so they can hit the ground running. In these situations, a rental partner can make the process of organizing your event easier by facilitating everyone’s specific needs. From your design team to operations manager, they all have different needs. You can rent desktops, notebooks, or even iPads that match their type of work. The right rental partner can help you get a variety of devices. They can also offer replacements should any technical issues occur that your team is unable to troubleshoot.

Security Concerns

Another reason you may want to provide your own devices to staff is for security reasons. With a rental device you can request additional security applications installed and have devices locked down to prevent unauthorized usage. As an event organizer you want to prevent any chance of data breaches or other forms of cyber-attacks.

An Operation Hub

Beyond just the planning phase you may also need devices for your reception area or box office to sign in guests or provide additional services. You should think about what devices you need to best facilitate a smooth experience for your attendees. You can rent laptops, iPads, and even printers to make it easy for your staff to run your event.

A More Budget Friendly Solution

We know it’s often difficult to navigate an event budget and that’s why renting is such a good option. Renting can help alleviate that stress by helping you get more for less. There’s no reason to invest in a permanent space or equipment if you’re only using it for a few months of the year. Renting is a cheaper more efficient way to make sure your staff is able to work as effectively as possible. Also consider the ability to upgrade your setup each time you rent which makes the headache of obsolete equipment a thing of the past.

If you’re festival planning and are worried about your staff’s ability to get the work done you should consider setting up a proper work environment for them. This eliminates concerns regarding access to equipment and minimizes the risk of any technical issues causing long term delays. We’ve assisted many different types of festivals through our rental services and have seen what it takes to run a successful event. If you’d like to know more about what equipment you need for your event staff just talk to one of our event experts today.

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Accreditation Exam Case Study

With over 30 years under our belt, Vernon has had a chance to work with many different professional associations throughout Canada. We’ve worked with both local and national associations and have over that time gained a great deal of insight on the challenges of facilitating an accreditation exam. If you’re in the process of planning an exam for your association just know that this task should not be underestimated. While there are many pitfalls to be aware of in administering a successful exam let’s focused on the importance of having rental equipment and a real-world success story that we were a part of.

The Accreditation Exam Scenario

We were contacted by a national association to assist them in providing back up devices for their upcoming exams. They required these devices for any student that may experience unforeseen technical issues with their personal laptops during the exam. In case of any hardware problems the association needed the test takers to be able to continue with the exam seamlessly.

Device Imaging

The notebooks requested required specific specs and software to facilitate the needs of this particular exam. Our team coordinated with them to understand their unique specification and to facilitate the right applications and hardware specs required for the test. Students will not have time during the exam period to configure the devices therefore they must work precisely as intended right out of the box.

We also provide test devices to the customer in order to validate the setup and give them a chance to review and request any additional features. Once the device has been tested by the association then do we proceed with configuring and shipping. Our dedicated team ensures that all the devices shipped will function identically to the approved device.

Reliable Inventory

Over 1000 notebooks were requested by the association in order to ensure continuity during the testing period. Fulfilling an order of that size requires more than just a large inventory but also the ability to source large quantities of similar devices.

The Logistics

This association was a national one and had organized testing centers across Canada. Not only did we have to facilitate the delivery of these devices to over 50 locations nationwide, the devices were required to be on location all during the same testing period. While some of the testing centers were located in major cities, others were setup in isolated rural locations but that was not a challenge for us. All of our devices arrived on time and without issue. We were able to execute this order due to our large national network and extensive logistics experience.

Reverse Logistics

Not only is our delivery process dependable, our return process is just as reliable and easy. Once the exams had concluded our team picked up all of the devices directly from each location making the whole rental process a hassle-free experience. Once the devices were back in our facilities, we have procedure in place to not only clean the devices physically but also to remove any of the data left behind by the users.

The next time you’re organizing a test center consider whether or not you need to provide backup devices for your students. It’s important that you make the testing process as smooth as possible and having emergency devices on hand can help facilitate that. Another way to make your job easier is to find a reliable rental partner like Vernon who can handle requests such as these and can provide services across Canada so no matter where you need testing equipment, we can deliver it.

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Tech Rental Partners, An Event Planner’s Secret Weapon

Tech Rental Partners An Event Planner's Secret Weapon

If you’re an event planner or have ever orchestrated your own event then you know how complicated the process can be. There is a symphony of activity that needs to take place in order for an event to run smoothly. You have to balance all the technical and logistical elements while also pulling off an exciting and creative experience for your guests. This is where having a trusted rental partner can help alleviate the stress of managing your tech. You’re dealing with caterers, entertainment, venue staff and countless other issues so the last thing you want to do is trouble shoot your tech equipment. A good rental partner will not only provide high quality equipment that works but can also provide on-site tech support if you need it. When you have the right support, you can focus on the fun parts of event planning. 

Diverse Solutions for an Event Planner

Don’t be limited to what a venue can provide or what you have on hand. Renting allows you to explore a wider range of possibilities. With the right vendor you can access tech you would never have even dreamed of. Make your event’s theme come to life with glorious large format displays or engage guests with interactive touch-screen kiosks. You can create a stunning visual environment that transforms your space into something truly memorable.  


With a good rental partner, you get access to as much tech as you need without the upfront cost. As an event planner you’ll likely be working with a variety of clients who will all have different needs for their specific event. This can make it difficult to have all the equipment you need inhouse. When looking for a rental partner you’ll want to make sure they have a large inventory, flexible rental terms, and national delivery. This way you get what you need for any event, anywhere! 

Cutting Edge Options

It’s not easy keeping up with all the latest tech gadgets which is why renting is so great. You can access new technology and test out devices before you deploy them in the real world. Let your imagination run wild and design your event around your tech. You can craft a special virtual reality or augmented reality event that can take your guest on an unforgettable adventure. 


While it’s great to be tech savvy, it’s okay if you’re not the most up-to-date on today’s tech. That’s why having a partner who is experienced can be so useful for event planning. You have an idea but you may not know what you need to execute that vision. A good rental partner will have a wealth of experience pulling off all kinds of events. They can suggest the best equipment or devices for your needs. They can even offer seamless delivery and setup so you don’t have to worry about any technical issues.  


If you’re not sure whether or not you need a tech partner for your event planning business then consider this: if you’re not a chef, you wouldn’t cook for your guests, you’d hire a caterer! Event planning requires you to keep a lot of plates spinning so rely on experts to help you where you can. A technology rental can ensure the success of your event from planning to execution. It allows you to explore new and creative ideas, get the right equipment, seamlessly have all your devices setup, and if there are any problems an on-site tech support staff can be there to handle it. A good tech rental partner gives you room to think about the big picture! 

 Are You An Event Planner?

If you’re an event planner interested to know how a technology rental partner can integrate into your business then talk to Vernon. Our event rental experts have seen it all and with our decades of experience we’ve provided rentals for some of the most notable events and brands in the world.  

Check out More Event Tips!

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The Right Business Devices for Your Team?

The Right Business Device For Your Team

The key to choosing the right business devices for your team is first understanding what your team’s needs are as a whole and balancing that with each member’s individual requirements. Getting your specific answers may require some soul searching on your part but this guide will give you some general areas to be cognizant of. 


Your Budget for Business Devices

Having a budget for your business devices can be both a blessing and a curse. When considering how much to spend it’s best to be realistic to your needs. While we would like to get the best features, a good budget will help you narrow down your choices and reduce overspending that may actually be more of a hinderance than a benefit. 


Consider what each team member is working on and what software they will use on a regular basis. Understanding the minimum and recommended requirements for these applications can help you decide what specification to prioritize. Certain workloads may require sustained performance over a long period time which a more powerful CPU will certainly be handy for. Do you have a role that requires 3D rendering software? Then you may want to spend more on a graphics card or a setup that has good integrated graphics. 


The problem of storage today is a little more tricky than it use to be. With the benefit of faster SSD’s (solid state drives) that have smaller storage options and the availability of cloud storage, less might actually be more. Consider the types of files you’ll be accessing on a daily basis and also how fast your team’s internet connection is to determine which option is the most economical for your office. If you have a team member that’s on the road with spotty internet access then they may need to store all their files locally. 

Work Environment 

Where your team will be working is crucial to the form factor of their devices. Are you in an office setting or is your team traveling between worksites? Portability comes at a cost so consider whether your team needs laptops for mobility or will having more powerful desktop setups yield more productivity. If your team works remotely, it’s also prudent to keep in mind the kinds of environment they’ll be in if they’re just at home. Perhaps a more durable device is needed if you have people working in rugged settings. 

Business Device Security 

It’s always important to secure your company assets and that includes all of your files and business devices. While most devices will have some basic security features you should consider what a security breach would cost your company and act accordingly. Biometric authentication and added encryption features will help you secure your data should devices be lost of stolen. 

Connected Business Devices

It’s important not to simply think of a computer as a device in isolation but also imagine what equipment your team will need to interface with. This may come down to each employee’s own personal preference for peripherals or it can be a crucial requirement rendering certain tasks impossible. Whether you have equipment that requires specific ports or just want to make sure your team isn’t lugging around half a dozen dongles and adapters make sure your devices have the right connectivity options for everyone.  

Operating System 

Similar to connectivity it’s crucial to understand what digital environment your equipment or applications work best in. While you may like the aesthetics of Apple products, they may not be compatible with your team’s workflow. So, understand what operating system you need whether, it’s MacOS, Windows, or Linux, and consider each team member’s individual needs/preferences as well as how they can collab with each other. 


Business Devices – Brands/Models that you can start with: 


Whether you’re an IT specialist or just an owner operator deciding on your office equipment for the first time it’s always difficult to juggle the needs of your entire team. If you’re not sure what you need you can always talk to a computer rental expert and test drive your setup before you commit to a decision that may affect the performance of your business.  


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Renting – A Greener Way to Do Business

sustainable practices

Do you want to incorporate more sustainable practices in your business? Technology rentals and sustainability can go hand in hand when managed and executed thoughtfully. Here’s how tech rental services can contribute to sustainability:

  1. Reduced Electronic Waste: Technology rentals encourage the reuse of electronics. Instead of individuals and businesses buying new devices every time they need them, they can rent and return them when no longer needed. This reduces electronic waste in landfills.
  2. Extended Product Lifespan: Rental companies have an incentive to maintain and repair their tech equipment to keep them in good working condition for as long as possible. This extends the lifespan of the devices, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Upgrading Technology Responsibly: Rental services can regularly update their tech inventory to include the latest, most energy-efficient models. This allows customers to access cutting-edge technology without the need to discard old devices, reducing e-waste.
  4. Sharing Economy Principles: Green technology rentals align with the sharing economy concept, which promotes resource efficiency. Instead of everyone owning their tech gadgets, a few devices can be shared among many users, reducing the overall number of products produced and disposed of.
  5. Recycling Initiatives: Responsible tech rental companies often have recycling programs for devices that have reached the end of their useful life. They ensure that these devices are properly recycled, minimizing their environmental impact.
  6. Renewable Energy/Carbon Offsetting: Some tech rental companies utilize renewable energies or invest in carbon offset initiatives to compensate for their carbon emissions, which can result from shipping and transportation.

However, it’s important to note that not all tech rental companies operate with sustainability as a priority. When considering a tech rental service, it’s essential to research their sustainability practices, including their device maintenance, recycling programs, and environmental policies.

Vernon Technology through their parent company DCR employs a variety of sustainable practices including the use of renewable energies. They also have an abundance of environmental certification including the widely recognized R2 2013 certification. For more information about their green initiatives click here.