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The Benefits of Online Learning

Traditional in-person learning environments have shifted to online remote settings due to the impacts and restrictions of the COVID-19 virus. With safety as a priority, many students in Ontario are required to complete the remainder of the school year from the comfort of their homes. Many parents are skeptical of online learning and may perhaps be unaware of the positive benefits it provides to students.

Benefits of Online Learning
  • Flexibility and self-paced learning.
  • Boosts opportunities for classroom subject discussion.
  • Access to course materials and resources at any time.
  • Helps to develop great self-discipline.
  • Promotes better time management.
  • Provides redefined critical thinking skills.
  • Delivers opportunities to learn new technical skills.

These are just a few benefits that online learning offers. Vernon can equip you with the right remote learning tools, so you never skip a beat. We offer standard or customized rental options, special application add-ons and certain device accessories. Let us help you to continue your education journey, from virtually anywhere!

Talk to one of our rental experts today to find the right remote learning solutions for you.
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The Advantages of Laptop Rentals

Do you prefer to stay up-to-date with technology trends and upgrades? Or you favour the latest popular device on the market? Renting a laptop allows you to have the happening forefront innovations combined with flexible timelines—curated to meet your needs. Choosing to rent a laptop vs. purchasing a laptop, will provide financial stability, among other highlighted benefits. 


Laptop rentals provide flexible timelines that are best suited to your needs. If you are considering a laptop for a short period of time for business-related tasks, the option to rent the best path to take. 


Purchasing a laptop can be a costly investment for some people. Renting a laptop provides the opportunity to save until you can afford the price tag of a laptop. Rentals are also a better option for organizations that provide laptops to their employees for remote working conditions. 

Device Upgrades 

For many, staying current with the latest technology trends is a top priority. Laptop rentals are the best option to have leading-edge technology at your fingertips. Keeping up with upgrades enables selections from top brands, distinctive prices and flexible timeframes.

Why choose Vernon for your I.T. rental?

We provide customized options, special additions, standard options and quick shipments with the option for flexible short-term and long-term technology plans. 

Talk to one of our rental experts today to find the right solutions for you and your business!

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Do you have a Contingency Plan for your Business?

Keep your business afloat with a COVID-19 contingency plan and equip your employees with the right technology. 

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 related restrictions, it is important to develop a contingency plan to ensure your business continues to run regularly. Employers should be up-to-date with the latest government changes and considerations they may face, to streamline technology solutions so their company never skips a beat.

Vernon can help keep your business running efficiently by supporting all your rental needs, from installing a mobile office to aiding you with a virtual conference. With a variety of remote work solutions, Vernon can influence the increase of employee productivity and assist with the safety of employees.

Get contingency plans for Staff Working from Home, Staff Working Abroad, Cancelled Conferences and Remote Training.

Talk to one of our rental experts today to find the right solutions for you and your business!

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Marketing Solutions Amid COVID-19

Shifting the landscape of outdoor marketing experiences by providing effective solutions and promoting the health and safety of our community. 

Events, festivals and experiential marketing have faded due to the challenges we have been faced with over the past year. These activities are effective components in promoting your business, inspiring your employees—all of which encompass brand-building. As restrictions begin to lift in some areas, we must adapt the way we can participate in these types of outdoor activities to ensure the health and safety of our community. 

Vernon has the tools and equipment needed to help create the ultimate socially-distant experience. Whether it be a large screen, projector, portable Wi-Fi or portable devices, we have the solutions required for seamless execution. 

Partner with us today to find the right solution for you!


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Seneca Case Study

seneca case study

Vernon has always stood out as a company that provides a vast array of devices in a quick and flexible manner. During the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve used these advantages to successfully help companies and institutions deal with the challenges of remote work.

In the middle of March as this pandemic was first emerging, it was still an uncertain time and there was no clear road map for what was about to happen. As stores were closing and companies were sending their staff home, schools were waiting for instructions from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. We were approached by Seneca to help them deal with technology needs for students, should classes go online. Even before the closure was announced we were already proactively working with the Director of Service Delivery at Seneca to help them with an action plan. We mobilized quickly to reserve a large quantity of laptops from our extensive inventory. So if a closure was to take place students could still complete the remainder of their course work online. As the closures began we were then able to immediately take action and within only 1-2 days were able to provide students with their rental laptops. We approach technology rentals from a collaborative, problem solving standpoint so you get more than just equipment you get the right devices when you need them.
As the pandemic progressed and the lockdown was extended the situation at Seneca also evolved. The year was coming to a close and the school no longer needed as many laptops but still required them for a smaller pool of summer students. With Vernon’s flexible rental options we were able to restructure and adapt to the changing situation. The school was able to simply return the extra devices and keep the ones they still needed. We have a great deal of experience in the rental industry and we understand the need for flexibility especially when it comes to technology. That’s how we can make the process of renting so simple and comfortable. At the end of the day we’re proud of the service we provide and we’re passionate about helping our clients overcome challenges. We’re really happy that we had this opportunity to help students especially in these stressful times. Our approach and the effectiveness of our team was what facilitated this seamless process from planning, execution, to continued support. As your rental partner we’re with you every step of the way. Now more than ever you need a partner you can trust and one that can support you and your changing needs.
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Boardroom to Virtual Meetings

vernon virtual meetings

We may not be having in person meetings these days but virtual meetings can be just as effective with the right technology.

Meetings are an important part of any business but with the current challenges we may not be able to get together for them. Vernon can help you get the right equipment to facilitate engaging and effective virtual meetings. Keep your staff connected and your team on the same page with the right remote setup. We have the inventory and the experience to keep you working without skipping a beat.

Talk to one of our rental experts today to find the right solution for you!

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Shared Office to Home Office

Vernon Work from Home

As we change from working in shared office spaces to home offices you need the right technology to keep up and stay productive.

If you’re faced with the challenge of working from home we can help. We have a vast amount of experiences in the tech rental industry and with our equally robust inventory of products we can equip home offices for your entire team. Our rental solutions will allow you to nimbly maneuver your company around these current challenges and keep you and your staff working seamlessly. From laptops to printers we have everything a home office will need.

Talk to one of our rental experts today to find the right solution for you!

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Our Organization Has To Embrace Change

In most cases, change is a welcomed or needed circumstance that all businesses and organizations have time to prepare for. More importantly, we think about changes that may impact our businesses and we develop plans to navigate through them.  In recent months, we ALL have been impacted by the immediate and sudden change brought upon us by COVID-19.

At Vernon, our daily passion has been to empower our clients to put on the best events and Trade-shows through I.T. and Computer Rental support.  That business, unfortunately, has faced significant postponements and cancellations due to Social Distancing and Government mandated safety measures.

As an organization, we have to change.

That change has asked us to revisit what our passion really means.  We are passionate about helping clients navigate the challenges of executing a successful event. Events that typically are brick and mortar events have now become digital events. Digital events via e-learning, and conferencing systems that require additional technology and still come with many  technical challenges. The pressure for event success is very much still there for our clients.  We continue to support clients’ needs on a per project basis, the same way we deal with physical events. Each event and need is unique and different.

We are passionate about supporting our clients and our client events.  We will continue to adjust our business to ensure that we are here to offer fresh approaches to overcoming the on-going changes to all businesses. We believe that we are all in this together and together we will prosper.

Vernon Technology has embraced change.

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Continued Support

Vernon I.T. Rental is here for you throughout all the on-going COVID-19 changes.

Requirements for remote work are changing weekly it seems. We understand that you need support during this time. We’re here to help you deploy additional remote work laptops and computers to staff you may have asked to return to work.

In addition, there may be a need for your remote staff to take care of their children and other loved ones during this time. Through Vernon I.T. rental we can help your employees with laptops at home schooling, additional entertainment workstations and for other e-learning needs.

We have seen companies ask us for single delivery locations so that they can handle the distribution of devices. Should that not be possible for your company, we can assist with next day delivery across the country. We support devices throughout the life of your I.T. Rental.

We’re here to ensure your rental experience allows you to deploy your rental I.T. safely to ensure reduced downtime, secure wiping of data and provide support throughout the life of your I.T. Rental.

Please reach out to us to discuss how you can have a better I.T. Rental experience and please remember to practice safe social distancing.

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Windows 10: Everything you Need to Know


Up-to-date Windows Software  on Laptop and Desktop Rental with Vernon Technology

We said goodbye to Windows 7 and now comes the question on everyone’s mind: How long until Microsoft gets rid of Windows 10?

Don’t fret, you still have time. Since releasing in July 2015, Windows 10’s extended support is expected to end in 2025 with updates twice a year. For every version of OS, Microsoft offers a minimum of 10 years of support (5 of Mainstream Support and 5 of Extended Support) providing security and program updates.

While you may be hesitant to update and switch over to Windows 10 due to issues with the earlier versions, Microsoft has implemented several changes ensuring all updates are ready for the market including more testing and slower rollouts. 

If you haven’t updated already, we strongly recommend upgrading as soon as possible. It’s important to keep your data secure, especially in a world where cybercrime continues to increase. Check out our blog post “Say Goodbye to Windows 7” for more information on how to upgrade to Windows 10.  

Now it’s time to verse yourself with all the new features Windows 10 provides. We’ve outlined some of the best features that the newest update of Windows 10 has to offer.   

Windows 10 20H1 Features:

  • The Windows Defender Antivirus – This new security tool protects against malware and spyware across email, apps, the cloud and the web.
  • Windows Hello – A password-free sign in option that unlocks your devices with your facial or fingerprint recognition. 
  • Cortana – A “personal productivity assistant” built to help you use Microsoft 365 apps. Create tasks, emails and edit settings more efficiently with Cortana.
  • Search Home – Quick Access to Weather, Top News, Today in History and New Movies.
  • Kaomoji – A Kaomoji keyboard shortcut has been added. A Kaomoji is a popular japanese emoji-style such as(^-^)or ಠ_ಠ
  • Virtual Desktops – Ability to rename your virtual desktops. 
  • Automatically open apps – Edit in settings to opt in or out of automatically opening Universal Windows Platform apps after your machine has been restarted.

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