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Accreditation Exam Case Study

With over 30 years under our belt, Vernon has had a chance to work with many different professional associations throughout Canada. We’ve worked with both local and national associations and have over that time gained a great deal of insight on the challenges of facilitating an accreditation exam. If you’re in the process of planning an exam for your association just know that this task should not be underestimated. While there are many pitfalls to be aware of in administering a successful exam let’s focused on the importance of having rental equipment and a real-world success story that we were a part of.

The Accreditation Exam Scenario

We were contacted by a national association to assist them in providing back up devices for their upcoming exams. They required these devices for any student that may experience unforeseen technical issues with their personal laptops during the exam. In case of any hardware problems the association needed the test takers to be able to continue with the exam seamlessly.

Device Imaging

The notebooks requested required specific specs and software to facilitate the needs of this particular exam. Our team coordinated with them to understand their unique specification and to facilitate the right applications and hardware specs required for the test. Students will not have time during the exam period to configure the devices therefore they must work precisely as intended right out of the box.

We also provide test devices to the customer in order to validate the setup and give them a chance to review and request any additional features. Once the device has been tested by the association then do we proceed with configuring and shipping. Our dedicated team ensures that all the devices shipped will function identically to the approved device.

Reliable Inventory

Over 1000 notebooks were requested by the association in order to ensure continuity during the testing period. Fulfilling an order of that size requires more than just a large inventory but also the ability to source large quantities of similar devices.

The Logistics

This association was a national one and had organized testing centers across Canada. Not only did we have to facilitate the delivery of these devices to over 50 locations nationwide, the devices were required to be on location all during the same testing period. While some of the testing centers were located in major cities, others were setup in isolated rural locations but that was not a challenge for us. All of our devices arrived on time and without issue. We were able to execute this order due to our large national network and extensive logistics experience.

Reverse Logistics

Not only is our delivery process dependable, our return process is just as reliable and easy. Once the exams had concluded our team picked up all of the devices directly from each location making the whole rental process a hassle-free experience. Once the devices were back in our facilities, we have procedure in place to not only clean the devices physically but also to remove any of the data left behind by the users.

The next time you’re organizing a test center consider whether or not you need to provide backup devices for your students. It’s important that you make the testing process as smooth as possible and having emergency devices on hand can help facilitate that. Another way to make your job easier is to find a reliable rental partner like Vernon who can handle requests such as these and can provide services across Canada so no matter where you need testing equipment, we can deliver it.

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