Hi-Top Table Charging Stand Rentals

Coffee table? Charging station? Check it out!

This unique mobile charging solution is perfect for occasions when your guests gather around in small group discussions or a coffee break and use the time to recharge their mobile gadgets too.  Our Hi-Top Tables are in great demand among clients of Vernon Technology Solutions.

Brand Visibility

Multiple branding options

Safe Recharge

42" glass top table with spill-proof edge


4 outlet for charging laptops available

Universal Compatibility

12 universal charging cords and 8 USB ports for any kind of mobile device

Quick shipment, delivery and installation across Canada. Full Service Tech Support.

COVID-19 Protocols

All staff employed by Vernon Technology Solutions are fully-vaccinated against COVID-19. With health and safety as one of our main priorities, we have implemented protocols to protect our staff and customers. This includes disinfecting all rental equipment that filters through our facilities and adherence to provincial health and safety guidelines throughout all of our processes.

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