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Get value for your office IT equipment with our ITAD services!

Why Choose Us for Your ITAD Needs?


ITAD Refresh/Upgrade

Does your office need an IT refresh? Need to upgrade your existing IT equipment?


Hybrid Model

Are you looking to transition your employees back to the office or with a hybrid model?


Office Downsizing

Are you downsizing or closing an office?

Our team is here to support your returning workforce with swift ITAD & redeployment services! Whether you are looking to upgrade your dusty IT equipment, shift your employees back to the office either in-person or hybrid and/or downsize or close an office—we can help you get maximum returns for your unwanted IT equipment.

Sustainable Value for Your Organization

On top of the economic value for your business, redeploying your assets can help better our planet. Although you may be seeking to upgrade & refresh your existing IT equipment, your devices may still have a remaining lifecycle. With Vernon and DCRs quick and seamless ITAD & redeployment services, you can get money back from your existing organizational equipment while promoting sustainability.

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