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Remote Training

Remote Training with Vernon. Equip your new and existing employees with the right IT tools to learn the latest skills!

Remote training help employers to upskill their employees digitally. With many employees working remotely, employers have turned to remote training because of its many benefits and effectiveness. Remote training saves time and money, gives employees control and flexibility, and can be completed from virtually anywhere! Educate your employees with Vernon’s robust training solutions.

Quick Shipment, Delivery, and Installation

Need your equipment delivered? We can help! We deliver anywhere in Canada! Our main branches are in Toronto, ON and Burnaby, BC.

Flexible Rental Plans

 Whether your need a short or a long term rental, we can help! We can rent our technology by Day, Week, Month, or Year.

Full-Service Tech Support

You never have to deal with any customer issues because we handle the tech support for all our equipment rentals. We’re available to provide nationwide service and support to organizations, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. 

Custom Imaging Available

Devices can be customized and preloaded to fit your specific needs. Talk to us about what you are looking for and we will be happy to help!

Include Your Branding
Custom Selection of Software
Custom Configurations

Everything you need for remote work & learning!

When it comes to technology solutions, Vernon is your one-stop-shop. With over 30 years of impeccable track record in IT, AV and new technology rentals across North America, Vernon has earned a reputation of ensuring your success – be it mega-events, massive exhibitions, or federal elections! As your IT partner, Vernon gives you absolute peace of mind. Because we give you perfectly customized solutions, and we do it with care. Talk to us today about your rental needs.






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