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Technology Rental FAQ'S

How are you different from other rental services?

*Over 30 years of technology rental experience
*We have access to bulk quantity of equipment
*Choice of top brands – Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung
*Apple Authorized Reseller
*Superior Tech Support with custom software

What is your geographical service limit?

Our wide network is spread across North America, with active support from urban centers.

How quick is your turnaround time?

Thanks to our efficient network strength, we can ship/deliver the products really quick.

Do you provide technician back-up during the event?

Our specialist division, Tech-Support, has a dedicated team of experts to support you through your event. Based on your requirements, we can provide on-site as well off-site technology support.

For what duration can I rent?

Our rental terms are flexible, allowing you the option of renting for a single day to several weeks, months or years.

What is the biggest project you have managed?

The Federal elections, TED Show, Tennis Canada Tournaments and International Film Festival are among the large scale events that we have supported.

Tell me about your professional affiliations?

Vernon Technology Solutions is an Apple Authorized Reseller. Further, we are members of the United States Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Businesses, International Technology Rental Association,
Tech Army Organization,
MPI, CSAE etc.

Can you customize equipment for our event?

Yes. We do customize equipment. All you need to do is specify your requirement.

What about software?

Vernon can rent most Microsoft applications and OS under our agreement with MS. Client applications/images can be loaded as requested and may be subject to fees. 

Can we test your equiptment prior to the event?

Yes, that is possible.

What’s not included in the rental?

Shipping, installation, set-up and consumable items like paper or toner are not included in the rental

What if the product is damaged?

The client can buy damage insurance to cover most issues. If not they are liable to
pay the cost of repair. 

Still have some questions?

Have any other specific query? Email us at:

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