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Server Rental

Stress less with trusted server rental

When it comes to your server rental requirements, you’ll find the widest choice of branded servers at Vernon. By renting a dedicated server, you can benefit from top security standards and expanded data storage!

Secure Server Rental

Secure data storage and file sharing with advanced security features.

Customized Options

Customizable based on your specifications and requirements.

Special Additions

Can be preloaded with Windows Server/Linux/SunOS.

Unrivalled Tech Support

Expert support to ensure uninterrupted functioning.

Quick shipment, delivery and installation across Canada. Full Service Tech Support.

Flexible short to medium-term  server rental

To start, we provide the best support and service on server rentals. Specifically, we offer quick shipments, delivery and installation. In addition, access our extensive inventory from across Canada. Equally, all of our servers and other rental products come with full service tech support so you can rent with peace of mind. As such, Vernon can help you make your trade show a success with planning and execution support. Concurrently, you can also rent: laptops, charging stations, computers, desktops, projectors, tablets, printers, and other I.T. technology through Vernon I.T. Rentals.

Additionally, our focus is to specialize in helping our client partners with executing their meetings, events, in-person office or hybrid work setup. For example, do you need help with expos, training, launches, and testing? In these situations, we can assist with trade shows and conferences. Secondly, trust a proven technology partner for Federal, Provincial, and Municipal elections. Lastly, we also work with large enterprises and corporations. Let Vernon I.T. Rentals help you with your short to medium-term requirements.

Get the top brands you want for your server rental

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