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festival planning tips

Festival Planning Tips

We’ve worked with many festival organizers and over the years we’ve gotten the opportunity to see how some of the most well-known festivals operate. Festival planning, no matter the size is never a straight forward task and requires coordination and teamwork. We have experience with a variety of conferences, corporate and recreational festivals. While we’re not event planners we do have some wisdom to share about the planning process when it comes equipment rentals.

Planning Your Festivals

Festival planning requires organizers to work together. While the efficacy of working remote has greatly improved with technology, we’re still seeing many organizations set up temporary offices. Having a physical space for your team to collaborate can make the process easier and allows you to generate ideas in a more spontaneous manner. Compare that to working remotely where you have to reach out constantly and set up meetings to share ideas. The planning stages of an event can often be a hectic and rushed one so, creating a focused space where your team can efficiently coordinate with each other is crucial.

Empower Your Staff

Setting up a great work space for your staff means providing the right equipment for everyone so they can hit the ground running. In these situations, a rental partner can make the process of organizing your event easier by facilitating everyone’s specific needs. From your design team to operations manager, they all have different needs. You can rent desktops, notebooks, or even iPads that match their type of work. The right rental partner can help you get a variety of devices. They can also offer replacements should any technical issues occur that your team is unable to troubleshoot.

Security Concerns

Another reason you may want to provide your own devices to staff is for security reasons. With a rental device you can request additional security applications installed and have devices locked down to prevent unauthorized usage. As an event organizer you want to prevent any chance of data breaches or other forms of cyber-attacks.

An Operation Hub

Beyond just the planning phase you may also need devices for your reception area or box office to sign in guests or provide additional services. You should think about what devices you need to best facilitate a smooth experience for your attendees. You can rent laptops, iPads, and even printers to make it easy for your staff to run your event.

A More Budget Friendly Solution

We know it’s often difficult to navigate an event budget and that’s why renting is such a good option. Renting can help alleviate that stress by helping you get more for less. There’s no reason to invest in a permanent space or equipment if you’re only using it for a few months of the year. Renting is a cheaper more efficient way to make sure your staff is able to work as effectively as possible. Also consider the ability to upgrade your setup each time you rent which makes the headache of obsolete equipment a thing of the past.

If you’re festival planning and are worried about your staff’s ability to get the work done you should consider setting up a proper work environment for them. This eliminates concerns regarding access to equipment and minimizes the risk of any technical issues causing long term delays. We’ve assisted many different types of festivals through our rental services and have seen what it takes to run a successful event. If you’d like to know more about what equipment you need for your event staff just talk to one of our event experts today.

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