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High-Performance Video Editing on a Budget?

High-Performance Video Editing on a Budget?

You don’t need to be in the film industry to know that video editing and filmmaking is an expensive endeavour. While there are many great options to shoot and edit videos on your phone that’s not always going to suffice especially if you’re working on a professional project. Whether you’re just getting started or upgrading your existing setup for video editing you need a lot of processing power. If you’re not adequately optimized for the task then you’ll find yourself in a quagmire of issues. So can you have high-performance video editing on a budget?


Processor (CPU):

You need a powerful CPU if you’re looking to render high-resolution videos at respectable frame rates. If quality and workflow is a major concern for you then you can’t neglect your CPU selection. To achieve great results, you’ll want to get the highest clock speed in conjunction with the most cores.

Graphics (GPU):

If you’re serious about video editing then you need a dedicated GPU for your set up. Something with a good amount of memory and can handle the video resolution you’re outputting. Beyond just performance you also need to be aware of the intended usage of the card itself. Some GPUs are designed for gaming which may not be perfectly optimized for video editing software.


While you can’t go wrong with more RAM, how much you actually need will depend on what your specific workflow looks like. On the low end 8GB of RAM may get you through a 1080p project but if you’re dealing with 8K footage then 64GB is more in line with your needs. The video editing software you’re using will also have basic and recommended requirements for the amount of RAM you’ll need.


An SSD (Solid State Drive) is crucial for faster data read/write speeds. You should use an SSD as the primary drive for the operating system and video editing software. For additional storage, consider using large HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) for media files and project backups.


To make your effects worthwhile you need to have an accurate representation of the final results. The display is your window into the world of your video. A high-resolution and color-accurate display is vital for accurate video editing. Look for at least a Full HD (1920×1080) IPS panel, and if possible, consider a 4K display for enhanced detail and precision.


The cost of entry for industry level video editing software can be prohibitive especially if you’re just starting out. Whether you’re working in Premiere Pro and After Effects or Final Cut Pro, you’re looking at a hefty subscription fee or a large upfront cost. While cheaper alternatives do exist on the market you won’t get all the features you need. Is that a compromise you’re willing to make?

Researching and sourcing all these components is what makes video editing such an expensive task. Even if you’re able to get the perfect setup today it won’t be too long before new technology catches up and you get stuck in a vicious upgrade cycle. If you just need to produce high quality videos once in a while then it doesn’t make economic sense to invest in new equipment. Instead, you should consider the rental option. A good rental partner can help set you up with the best device and software so you don’t need to worry about performance. The right company will also be able to offer you flexible terms and even support when issues arise. The best part of a rental is that you avoid the upfront costs and also don’t need to compromise on the specs you actually need. Talk to a rental expert at Vernon and see how you can get high-performance video editing on a budget!

Here are some popular models you can consider for your next project:

  1. Mac Studio (M2)
  2. Microsoft Surface Studio 2
  3. Mac Mini (M2 Pro)
  4. HP Omen 30L
  5. Velocity Micro Raptor Z95

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Technology Rentals for Short Term Projects

Technology Rentals for Short Term Projects

Purchasing new equipment for a single project can be costly and impractical. A technology rental partner can provide flexible and efficient solutions. Get access to the right equipment without the upfront costs. Find out why technology rentals for short term projects can help your business.

1. Flexible Selection:

By renting you get a wide array of equipment options. From high-performance laptops and tablets to interactive displays and audiovisual equipment, rentals can be customized to suit the goals and objectives of the project. This adaptability ensures that you have precisely what you need to excel in your short-term endeavors.

2. Cost-Effectiveness:

Renting technology for short-term projects is a good way to get what you need without breaking the bank. Only pay for the equipment you need during the duration of the project and eliminate unnecessary costs. This cost-effectiveness allows you to invest your financial resources in other aspects of the project or just to save funds overall.

3. The Latest Technology:

Innovation is constant in the tech industry, rendering older equipment quickly obsolete. Technology rentals enable you to stay up-to-date with the latest and most innovative solutions without incurring the expense of constant upgrades. Access to cutting-edge technology ensures that projects run smoothly and efficiently, achieving exceptional results.

4. Technical Assistance:

Technical issues can be detrimental to the success of time-sensitive projects. Technology rental partners can provide support and even replacement devices to reduce downtime. Their expertise ensures proper installation and configuration, allowing you to execute your projects seamlessly without disruptions.

5. No Maintenance:

When you purchase your equipment, overtime you’ll inevitably have to deal with maintenance issues that arise from wear and tear. With an equipment rental you never have to consider the lifespan of your devices but rather your only concern is simply the duration of the project itself. This means you do not have to allocate resources to keep your equipment running nor do you have to consider disposal of obsolete devices.

By renting your equipment you can reduce your costs, increase flexibility, access the latest technology and get support when you need it. You can optimize your process with cutting-edge equipment without the weight of long-term commitments. Whether it’s a temporary project, a specific assignment, or any other short-term task, technology rentals empower you to achieve outstanding results while staying within your budget. Get technology rentals for short term projects today!

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