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How To Attract Attention at your Next Trade Show

Creating an impressive trade show booth is vital to attracting attendee attention in a sea of many booths at a trade show or event. A well planned and well executed booth will garner more foot traffic, grow brand awareness and increase event ROI. Interested?

Top Tips for Your Next Trade Show

  • Create Branding Visuals – Create strong brand visuals, banners, signage and surrounding decor elements to tie your brand together and give the feel you want potential customers to experience when surrounded by your brand. Branded giveaways like business cards, flyers or promotional giveaways are a sure way to tie it all together with cohesiveness.
  • Be Eye Catching – Use stunning visuals and bright colours (in accordance with your branding) to attract eyes more than a bleak design would. Use lighting to your advantage when highlighting certain elements or your key product.
  • Teach Something – Educate attendees on new products or latest discoveries relevant to their industry or interests. Creating an interactive and informative experience with tablets or engaging devices will make their time at your both memorable and valuable.
  • Hold a Contest – Create a contest for an easy way to increase attendee engagement at trade shows, gather contact information and spark excitement at your booth. With a creative giveaway, you will boost traffic to your booth, gather potential client information and in turn secure new leads.
  • Keep It Fun – Yes, people attend trade shows for business purposes, but that doesn’t mean they should be bland or without some excitement! Add some entertainment value by hiring a great emcee or talent, creating one of a kind experiences or hosting a social after-tradeshow party for your attendees.

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From large display screens, tablets, computers or charging stations – we’ve got you covered at Vernon Technology Solutions.

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Why You Need a Brightbox Charging Station at Your Next Event

The Brightbox Smart Charging Locker is a highly advanced charging booth perfect for your next event or tradeshow. With features including an interactive touchscreen display, digital advertising capabilities for branded content and user surveys, this charge station does so much more than just power up devices.

A web-based portal provides access for content control, usage reporting, fleet management, real-time updates with networked communications and remote technical support. Available in wall-mounted, floor stand or tabletop versions.

Having a Brightbox Smart Charging Locker at your next event will add an eye catching element to your area, create opportunity for branding opportunity and provide a convenient and secure service to guests.

Why rent this device with Vernon?

Six individual secure charging chambers with 3 cables per chamber and accessible only by user’s magnetic swipe card.

We are fully PCI certified with end-to-end encryption and absolutely never access any data on your phone or your credit card.

Certified cables provide universal support for all the latest mobile devices: iPhone, Android, Samsung, LG, HTC, Windows and even USB-C support.

Keep your audience super-charged at your events with best-in-class, secure and customizable Smart Phone Charging Kiosk.

  • 6 individual secure charging chambers
  • 4 types of charging cables
  • Target and engage customers
  • Strong messaging and sponsorship opportunity

Download the Vernon BrightBox Rental Guide HERE.

View the Brightbox Smart Charging Locker in action here:

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