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Rentals for Traveling Trade Shows

Traveling Trade Shows

Are you participating in cross-country traveling trade shows this year? Whether you’re going across the nation or just out of town, you should consider the benefits of renting your event equipment versus bringing your own. Having all of your equipment and devices shipped to each event location can be a logistical nightmare especially if you’re not well versed in all the possible pitfalls of a traveling trade show. We have decades of experience helping companies pull off these kinds of events all across Canada. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider renting over shipping.

Traveling Trade Shows Logistics and Shipping Costs

Ensuring that your event equipment is where it needs to be at the right time can be a major pain point. Whether you’re coordinating shipping or managing the transportation yourself it’s a lot of work and a lot of variables. You don’t want to be responsible for dealing with the risk associated with traveling long distances with delicate equipment. Shipping a large quantity of heavy equipment from province to province is not just challenging but also not cost-effective. You can eliminate all of these headaches by renting locally or through a provider that has local partners. We provide rental services to all of Canada which means we can handle traveling trade shows with ease. With our large inventory you get the same types of devices where ever you go and shorter delivery distances mean less shipping costs.

On the Road Technical Support

If you’re managing the transportation of your own devices then you’ll also be responsible for any technical issues that may occur on the road. Equipment can be damaged anytime during shipping, setup, or disassembly. You can also face unexpected software issues or technical failures due to wear and tear. Are you ready to handle these kinds of problems while on the road? Where will you get replacements devices if your equipment is not salvageable? With a comprehensive rental partner, you can get support for these kinds of problems on the go. We can provide equipment setup, on-site support, and replacement devices.

Environmental Concerns

We all want to contribute to a greener future and the easiest way to start helping is by reducing consumption. Whether you have the budget to purchase your own event equipment it’s a more environmentally-friendly solution to rent instead. When you rent, you’re not only reducing the number of devices on the market but you’re also extending the life of those devices. At Vernon we believe in green practices and are R2 certifiedrecyclers while also being bullfrogpowered. Another benefit we provide is our local network that reduces the distance equipment needs to travel, cutting not only shipping costs but also emissions.

We can make the management of a travelling trade show easier by allowing you to offload your equipment responsibilities to us. Not only can we provide you with the right equipment and devices for your show we can also ship them to locations across Canada as you need them. While this is happening you can rest easy knowing that any technical issues that arise will be address by us. We can help you reduce the cost both to your bottom line and to the environment as well. So, if you’re planning a traveling trade show this year consider talking to us about your equipment and see how we can help make your experience better.

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Are iPads Good for Training Programs?

Are ipads good for training programs

Staff training is a crucial aspect of any business whether it’s onboarding of new team members or upskilling employees through internal training programs. If you want to achieve the greatest possible learning outcomes then you should consider what tools you use or provide to your team. iPads can be a suitable tool to help provide a better learning experience for your staff.

Multiple Forms of Information

Teaching with a digital medium is great for incorporating a multimedia approach. Everyone has a different learning style and reading alone may not provide information in the most engaging or digestible manner. This is especially true when teaching complex concepts that require detailed visual aids or models. With an iPad you can supplement text information with instructional video or even interactive visuals examples.

iPads Make it Interactive

Theory can only take you so far especially in physical or sales-oriented roles. Whether you’re teaching staff to operate machinery or to interact with customers it’s helpful to provide opportunities for interaction and practice. An iPad allows you to create interactive lessons all on one platform and makes it easy for participants to engage with the lesson just through touch. Depending on the type of training you’re providing, staff can either practice directly on the device or bring it with them on the job and receive instruction while in real world situations.

Learn From Anywhere

The form factor of an iPad is great for all kinds of training environments. Whether you’re in a facility, office, or on a job site, there’s an iPad that can fit your needs. iPads come in various sizes and also have a large marketplace of accessories that make carrying and using the device compatible with all kinds of tasks. This allows your staff to learn directly in the field without having to carry around heavy manuals or textbooks. Combine this with interactive instructions and you can provide an engaging and personal learning experience.

iPads Can be Cost Effective

You can cut costs by keeping your lessons digital. Physical manuals or textbooks can be a financial burden especially if the information needs to be kept up to date resulting in many reprints. Paper can also be damaged, defaced, or lost while an iPad can be protected with durable cases, secured with encryption, and even tracked with GPS. While you can choose to buy and maintain your own devices, renting your iPads on an “as needed” basis can eliminate the need for upkeep and renewal making this an even more cost-effective solution.

Access to Apps

With an iPad you have access to Apple’s App Store and a multitude of digital tools that can help you craft the perfect training program. Whether it’s putting together presentations or filming and editing video you can do it all from an iPad. You can even supplement your lessons with other learning apps available on the platform. Taking advantage of existing resources online can help you build lessons faster or just use off the shelve solutions.

At the end of the day, you should consider what kind of training you’re providing and how your training method impacts learning outcomes. Everyone learns in their own way and at their own pace so providing multiple ways to engage with content can make the process easier and produce better results. With an iPad you can create an up-to-date interactive multimedia learning experience that can take place in real world environments.