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How to Do Cybersecurity While Working From Home

Remote work can greatly impact cybersecurity. A remote work environment raises the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches as a result of security skills shortages, vulnerable networks, cloud-based infrastructures, employee work habits and cyber criminals. Cybercriminals are becoming ever bolder with the shift to remote work as they expose the vulnerabilities of workers by specifically targeting them. By targeting the specific worker rather than the entire corporation, Cybercriminals can be more successful in their endeavours. If you would like to learn some helpful tips for yourself or your employees, read below!

How to Do Cybersecurity While Working from Home:

1. Don’t do Mobile Devices

Only work from your corporate devices as it’s the most secure. Working from your phone opens gateways for phishing scams and hackers to infiltrate.

2. Use Multi-factor authentication

Always add layers of security to your devices (passwords, PINs, biometric login)

3. Enable Firewalls and anti-virus software

Firewalls block malicious traffic and anti-virus software scans files for malware.

4. Protect your Wi-fi

Remote work may mean you will be connected to your own Wi-fi. To ensure the security of your Wi-fi choose strong and difficult passwords. If you are using a public Wi-fi network, use a VPN, which is a secure encrypted tunnel through which information is sent. This will protect your personal data.

What to Look Out For (spotting malicious emails):

1.  Spear-phishing email:

A spear-phishing email is created using the recipient’s personal or professional characteristics and interests. Threats could include information found online about the recipient with the goal of stealing sensitive data.

2.  Whaling email:

A Whaling email is only sent to high-profile individuals or executives at an organization. The email will contain personal information with the goal of stealing sensitive data.

3.  Quishing:

A Quishing email uses QR codes that re-directs you to phishing websites.

Spotting malicious emails can be difficult and there are countless types of scams. Read below on how to handle malicious emails!

How to Handle Malicious emails:


Do not click on any links or open any attached files. Investigate the email by looking up the company or looking at the email address.

2.  Report! 

Reporting suspicious emails is a great way to ensure that you will not be emailed from the email again and that others can be protected as their account will be reviewed.

Want to learn more about this topic? Visit this government of Canada article to learn more –


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How Can We Consume Technology in an Eco-friendly way?

Living a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle should become a priority for us all. The way we consume technology needs to be changed, and we need to find ways in which we can build a better and brighter future.

Green technology is in the early stages of development as we are just starting to scratch the surface with renewable energy, but, we need to do our part as individuals and act now. In order to live a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle we need to look at how we can consume technology in an eco-friendly way. Interested? Read below for some helpful tips to help you change the way you consume technology. 

How to Consume Technology in an Eco-friendly Way:

1. Look after your electronics and accessories!

Treat your electronics, phone chargers and phone cases with care. By looking after your electronics, they will last longer which means you are making the most out of their lifecycle.

2. Don’t buy excess!

Purchase the items you need, not the ones that you want. There is no need to always be buying the new iPhone, instead make the most out of your phone before you look to replace it. In addition, purchasing quality accessories makes them last, buying 10 cheap phone charges instead of one good one causes a lot of waste.

3. Properly recycle your old devices

Don’t just throw your old devices away, you have the option to trade them in or recycle them at some cell carrier store or other electronics retailers. They can be used to create new phones which further prolongs the lifecycle of your device!

Choosing to consume technology in an eco-friendly way is a precursor to choosing to live a more suitable lifestyle. In order to help the environment, we all need to bring sustainability into every aspect of our lives.

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