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Why charging stations are great for festivals!

As a leading provider of technology solutions for events, Vernon offers a wide range of IT rental services to businesses across various industries.

With a focus on delivering innovative solutions to its customers, Vernon has carved out a niche in the IT rental industry by providing top-of-the-line equipment and exceptional customer service. Whether it’s for a trade show, conference, or corporate event, Vernon’s IT rental solutions can help businesses meet their technology needs while staying within budget.

One of the standout products from Vernon’s IT rental lineup is our brand-able charging stations. These charging stations are designed to provide booth engagement and increase the amount of time attendees spend at a booth during a trade show. In addition, they also offer a potential revenue source for businesses through the sale of marketing space on the charging station’s tabletop.

These brand-able charging stations are sleek and modern, with a customizable design that can be tailored to fit a business’s branding and messaging. They offer multiple charging ports for smartphones and other mobile devices, ensuring that attendees can keep their devices charged throughout the event.

At trade shows and other events, attendees are often on the go and may not have access to traditional charging outlets. Vernon’s brand-able charging stations provide a convenient solution for attendees to recharge their devices, while also offering businesses a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers.

Furthermore, Vernon’s brand-able charging stations can help businesses increase foot traffic to their booth and potentially lead to more engaged conversations with attendees. By offering a convenient charging solution and a unique branding opportunity, these charging stations can help businesses stand out from their competitors and create a more memorable experience for attendees.

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