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Charging Stations

Are you hosting an event, festival, or exhibiting at a trade show? You need to get a charging station!

Charging stations are a great way to keep your guests happy and keep them at your booth longer. There are many different variety of charging stations. From tables to stands, each variations has it's pros and cons. If you're not sure which charging station would be best for your event just ask one of our rental experts.

The Vernon Advantage

Vernon provides a wide range of charging stations and also options for customization.

Custom Branding

Adding your custom branding to a charging station is a great way to not only promote your booth but it gives you opportunity to have sponsors for your event.

Different Models

We provide charging stations that range from locking units to charging tables. Each with it's unique advantages and functions for your specific needs.

Flexible Rental Options

Like all of our other rental products charging stations can be rented through our amazing flexible plans. You can rent for a day, week, month, or longer.

Rent a Charging Station Now!

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Vernon Hi-Top Charging Kiosks

Hi-Top Table

Vernon V-Charge

V-Charge Kiosks

Full-Service Tech Support

Our specialist division offers champion support by providing immediate responses to hardware complications you may face during your rental period.

For additional event support our team can not only provide delivery of devices but upon request even help you with setup! Need tech support on the floor? Ask us about our on-site technicians.

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