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Tech Rental Partners An Event Planner's Secret Weapon

Tech Rental Partners, An Event Planner’s Secret Weapon

If you’re an event planner or have ever orchestrated your own event then you know how complicated the process can be. There is a symphony of activity that needs to take place in order for an event to run smoothly. You have to balance all the technical and logistical elements while also pulling off an exciting and creative experience for your guests. This is where having a trusted rental partner can help alleviate the stress of managing your tech. You’re dealing with caterers, entertainment, venue staff and countless other issues so the last thing you want to do is trouble shoot your tech equipment. A good rental partner will not only provide high quality equipment that works but can also provide on-site tech support if you need it. When you have the right support, you can focus on the fun parts of event planning. 

Diverse Solutions for an Event Planner

Don’t be limited to what a venue can provide or what you have on hand. Renting allows you to explore a wider range of possibilities. With the right vendor you can access tech you would never have even dreamed of. Make your event’s theme come to life with glorious large format displays or engage guests with interactive touch-screen kiosks. You can create a stunning visual environment that transforms your space into something truly memorable.  


With a good rental partner, you get access to as much tech as you need without the upfront cost. As an event planner you’ll likely be working with a variety of clients who will all have different needs for their specific event. This can make it difficult to have all the equipment you need inhouse. When looking for a rental partner you’ll want to make sure they have a large inventory, flexible rental terms, and national delivery. This way you get what you need for any event, anywhere! 

Cutting Edge Options

It’s not easy keeping up with all the latest tech gadgets which is why renting is so great. You can access new technology and test out devices before you deploy them in the real world. Let your imagination run wild and design your event around your tech. You can craft a special virtual reality or augmented reality event that can take your guest on an unforgettable adventure. 


While it’s great to be tech savvy, it’s okay if you’re not the most up-to-date on today’s tech. That’s why having a partner who is experienced can be so useful for event planning. You have an idea but you may not know what you need to execute that vision. A good rental partner will have a wealth of experience pulling off all kinds of events. They can suggest the best equipment or devices for your needs. They can even offer seamless delivery and setup so you don’t have to worry about any technical issues.  


If you’re not sure whether or not you need a tech partner for your event planning business then consider this: if you’re not a chef, you wouldn’t cook for your guests, you’d hire a caterer! Event planning requires you to keep a lot of plates spinning so rely on experts to help you where you can. A technology rental can ensure the success of your event from planning to execution. It allows you to explore new and creative ideas, get the right equipment, seamlessly have all your devices setup, and if there are any problems an on-site tech support staff can be there to handle it. A good tech rental partner gives you room to think about the big picture! 

 Are You An Event Planner?

If you’re an event planner interested to know how a technology rental partner can integrate into your business then talk to Vernon. Our event rental experts have seen it all and with our decades of experience we’ve provided rentals for some of the most notable events and brands in the world.  

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