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Powering TED: VERNON provides full-range of Event Technology Solutions for 2017 Annual Conference

Vernon Technology Solutions continues long-standing partnership with PWD Inc. at annual conference in Vancouver, BC

Vernon Technology has been a leading provider of event technology solutions across the United States and Canada for over 30 years.


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Formed in 1984, TED is a world-renowned non-profit organization dedicated to spreading powerful ideas through short talks about an increasingly broad range of topics ranging from science, technology and society to business and global issues. The 2017 Annual TED conference was held in Vancouver, British Columbia from April 24-28.

“Vernon was contracted by PDW Inc., the event management company for TED 2017, to supply technology equipment for this year’s conference,” said Jason Le Goff, Business Development Manager at Vernon. “We supplied PDW Inc. a full range of information technology products and services that helped make this year’s conference a huge success. We deployed and supported over 150 products ranging from laptops and mobile devices to wireless colour printers and LED displays.” In addition to hardware, Vernon also provided event organizers with software solutions including MS-Office for Mac and Adobe Creative Suite.

Throughout the four-day conference, Vernon staff worked closely with the PDW Inc. team and volunteers from Apple Inc. ”We had our onsite technical support team working around the clock to meet the needs of the event organizers,” added Le Goff. “Vernon’s products were being used across the entire conference, by speakers on the main stage, in lounges and breakout rooms, by event staff at display and registration areas. Even the hotel and event security staff used Macbook Pro’s provided by us!”

PDW Inc.’s Venue Services Associate, Keltie Wellwood speaks of the collaboration, “It takes a village to create a world class event and we couldn’t have done it without Vernon! We are grateful to the entire Vernon team for all their hard work leading up to and during TED. It was another very successful conference.”

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