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Magic Leap Retargets to Businesses

Vernon Offers Magic Leap Mixed Reality Headset for Rent

Say hello to Magic Leap 1 – a $2995 mixed reality headset aimed at juxtaposing virtual reality animations with the real world. At such a price point, many would agree that the product is priced much too high for the average consumer – and the numbers would say the same. As such, Magic Leap has decided to switch their focus to enterprises, successfully casting themselves into the market for business-related applications. In concentrating on visual interaction, 3D visualization, training and assistance and location-based services, the company has taken steps to appeal to the professional environment.

Magic Leap has recently announced testing for Jump by Magic Leap, aimed at enabling new channels of communication and collaboration for users who are both physically and virtually co-present. With Jump, companies can bridge their digital content with elements of the physical world in a way that grows creative efforts and productivity. Real estate companies have employed Jump as a means of providing individuals with the ability to experience 3D models of buildings while aiding in future development; thereby, reducing travel costs, environmental impacts and processes of interaction.

Jump can generate visual models of just about anything – from jet engines to statistical sets. In producing spatial insights and real-world scaling, Jump takes decision-making and complex business endeavours to the next level. Coupled with a unique ability to create visual representations of instructions, the program also functions to streamline training operations and enable employees to participate in more comprehensive and amusing training sessions.

Make sure you stay up to speed on the latest tech news by checking out our blog page and social media channels.

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Why Renting Technology is Better Than Owning

Technology is always evolving… and so should your business. In order to keep up with your competitors and provide clients with the latest and greatest in tech trends, it is important to have access to the most current products. At Vernon, we understand how expensive ‘keeping up with the times’ can be, which is why we offer a wide range of flexible renting options.

If you only require certain products for a specified amount of time, there’s no reason for you to purchase brand new items at cost. Save your money, and rent instead. With the most current technology made affordable, you can receive top-of-the-line products while avoiding any long-run expenses, commitments, maintenance or storage costs. Depending on the nature of your business, renting may even entitle you to receive certain types of tax-deduction benefits.

Let us help you source your favourite products with minimal payments – so that you can delegate your finances to the more important things.

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Don’t Let Technophobia Overwhelm You

Did you know that research suggests Americans are “more afraid of technology than death?” With our futures becoming more tech-centered, more people are experiencing what has come to be known as technophobia – the fear of technology and its advances. 

If you read our last blog, you already have a sense of how advanced our technology is becoming, and how we are already well on the road of becoming fully dependent on it. Though robot movies and discussions about A.I. can embed a number of frightening thoughts in our heads, most of them are, in fact, irrational fears – the most common one being that of machines making humans obsolete. 

Inasmuch as technophobia is becoming a widespread concern, unfortunately it is not as easy as it sounds to halt our technology use. These tech advances have undoubtedly made our lives easier, and many of our devices have truly become extensions of ourselves in our daily life. 

While technology is not going anywhere soon, we can learn to monitor the amount that we use. With so many of us becoming overwhelmed by all of the changes in our digital world, it is important not to inundate your guests and attendees with an unnecessary amount of digital devices and toys. Don’t overlook the importance of quality over quantity – spend more money on something eye-catching this year and keep your customers at ease. 

Check out our full selection of offerings or call us at 1-877-752-0916 to discuss how we can help you and your business today.

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Make Your Future Wireless

If you live in North America, it is likely that you have access to wireless connection pretty much anywhere, anytime. With most of us being able to enjoy the luxury of 24/7 network connection for all of our devices, it is clear that chords and cables are quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

We are now witnessing wireless charging, headphones and even electric cars. As A.I. continues to advance, it is predicted that our houses will have the ability to fully adapt to our routines, with nearly all of our electronic devices expected to be able to configure themselves to our unique needs. In lieu of our ever-changing digital world, companies like Qualcomm have even invested close to $50 billion in wireless initiatives. 

At Vernon, we can help you keep up with the wireless tech trends by powering your event with high-speed network performance. Let us assist in making your events, and future, wireless and call us at 1-877-752-0916.

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How to Create Booth Engagement at Your Next Tradeshow


Brainstorming fun and innovative ways to heighten booth engagement at your next tradeshow can be challenging, so here are a few helpful tips and tricks to make your booth stand out in the crowd:

First Impressions Are Everything

The visual appearance of your booth will be the first thing that attendees will tune into when they approach your space – and plays a determining factor when it comes to attracting guests. Ensure that you assimilate eye-catching displays, signage and decor into your booth to capture the attention of attendees and create within them a desire to want to know more about your brand.

Incorporate Guest Perks

Don’t underestimate the psychology of free stuff – promotional giveaways and merchandise are a sure-fire way of maximizing your share of foot traffic while increasing brand awareness. Branded freebies such as clothing, tote bags, pens, water bottles and keychains are just a few small items that can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Interactivity Is Key

Creating an interactive environment is an effective means of sparking interest in passersby, while ensuring an exciting and memorable guest experience. iPad Kiosks are the latest trend in technology and are sure to set your booth apart from the competition. Add a special touch to your booth with our kiosks that combine function, style and security.

‘Infotainment’ Is In

Equal parts information and entertainment is the modern recipe for success. Make sure that your booth is out of this world by integrating exciting and educational simulations into your guest experience with Vernon’s virtual reality headsets and kits. The ideal accessory for your booth, our VR rentals function to create a 360-degree brand experience, increase levels of engagement and maximize ROI. Create a fun and immersive environment for attendees by taking them on a custom-designed tour of your facilities or walking them through your production process.

Please call us at 1-877-752-0916 to learn more about how Vernon can help you boost your booth and create the ultimate guest experience at your next tradeshow.

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VR for Holiday Parties & Events

The holiday season means the time for holiday parties and events. Finding the perfect entertainment to impress you guests can be challenging, which is why Vernon Technology Solutions is here to help. This year, bring your events to life with a virtual reality rental, guaranteed to deliver unforgettable experiences. We offer a wide variety of VR rentals to generate a 360-degree immersive experience, equipped with imagery, sound and sensations that are beyond imagination:

Oculus Rift – With cutting edge features, the Oculus Rift is a Desktop PC-powered VR headset designed to create all-encompassing experiences with a vast library of VR games.

HTC Vive – Formulated to elevate your VR experiences, the HTC Vive comes complete with 360-degree controllers, headset tracking, directional audio and HD haptic feedback. With over 2000 titles and AAA Games, this headset is at the forefront of VR.

DELL Alienware Aurora – Engineered to exceed virtual reality boundaries, this compact mid-tower is armed with the latest NVIDIA graphics, 8GB RAM and 15 USB ports for VR headsets.


Google Expeditions – The first purpose-built device for Google Expeditions, this is your VR kit essential. Ready out-of-the-box and available as a 10-pack, 20-pack or 30-pack  a must-have in entertainment.

Share unique and memorable experiences this holiday season with virtual reality rentals. Call 1-877-752-0916 or click here to learn how Vernon can make this year’s celebration the best one yet.

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Top Technology for Training Seminars

Introducing a new aspect to your business can be challenging – which is why we are here to arm you with the latest technology and a team of certified experts to make training and implementation a breeze.

With our wide inventory of tech rentals paired with reliable resources throughout your rental term, we have what you need for a successful training seminar. Vernon offers an array of top-end products, including:

Laptops – Navigate all of your training from one device. From teaching the ins and outs of new software to phasing in new project management tools, laptops are part and parcel of ensuring a successful workshop.

Tablets – These handy and user-friendly devices are key tools when it comes to training sessions as they provide an interactive experience for your staff. Make sure to have an arsenal of tablets available to incorporate hands-on learning and allow for your trainees to put their newly found knowledge to the test.

Projectors – For larger venues with many employees, you will want to be equipped with a number of projectors to display important information and educate your staff on what they need to know. With LED/LCD display, our projectors will provide your staff with dynamic content, enabling them to follow along in real time – the ultimate tool for performing demonstrations and instructional tasks.

Printers – Having access to a printer is an added benefit during training seminars as it allows for important ‘how-to’ and ‘need to know’ documents to be distributed for individual use. Printed documents also offer trainees a way of highlighting and storing essential information for future recall.

Portable Wifi – Access to a strong and reliable wifi network is a must for tech-oriented training seminars – ensuring uninterrupted communication and the ultimate streamlined experience for users.

For all things large or small, choose Vernon Technology as your trusted technology rental provider for all of your training needs.

Browse our website to check out our full range of rental offerings and get everything you need for your next training seminar.

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How to Utilize a Branded Charging Station

In an era where everyone is always on their phones, charging stations have become a very popular way to attract attention and encourage engagement among customers and clients.

Many companies are using charging stations as branding opportunities. Make sure you’re utilizing branded charging stations properly by following some of these helpful tips:

Speak:​ Ensure you are using the proper language for your audience. Use this as an opportunity to showcase just the brand logo or to say something more about your company and what you are doing.

Colours:​ Make sure the colours used on the branded Charging Stations are visually pleasing and eye catching and ensure you are using branded colours in order to support your company’s brand identity.

Visuals:​ Use the built in screens and media players on the Bright Box and V-Charge charging stations to run a slideshow or video to promote your brand.

Call-To-Action:​ Encourage customers and clients to follow your social media channels while charging their devices by sharing your company’s social media profiles on the charging station.

Table Branding:​ Allow people to eat, drink and charge their phones at a charging table, such as the Hi-Top table, covered in your branding. If you are limited with space, you can also place branded charging stations in the middle of tables as centerpieces to be used as central hubs.

Information Stations:​ Give people something to do while they charge their phones at your branded charging station by providing information about your company such as, as brochures or other promotional material.

For more information about how to brand your charging station call us at 1-877-752-0916 or click here.

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Top Innovative Tech Trends of 2019

laptop rental

Over the years, we have gone through many different trends in the tech industry, such as blu-ray DVDs, mobile phones, wireless Internet and desktop videoconferencing. Nowadays, businesses are more concerned with trends that allow them to stay connected to make their day-to-day activities easier.

Some of the top innovative tech trends of 2019 include:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Although it has been around since 1956, AI is still an emerging trend in our current society. Used in navigation apps, smart home devices and to schedule trains, AI technology is able to mimic human intelligence in a faster and more accurate way than humans. Businesses have begun using AI for money-saving tasks such as assessing business risk.

Machine Learning – Similar to AI, Machine Learning uses human intelligence to learn and discover new patterns to learn things they weren’t originally programmed to do such as image and facial recognition.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – This technology allows us to use machines to do all the repetitive tasks that people used to do, such as replying to emails or processing transactions. People are always saying robots are coming for our jobs and this has never been more true with RPA. However, with the removal of menial task jobs, RPA also creates many other job opportunities.

Blockchain – While it is often associated with cryptocurrency, Blockchain creates a chain of data that you are able to add on to but cannot remove or change. Businesses are beginning to use this secure data chain for banking and insurance as it negates the use of a trusted third-party to validate transactions.

Cyber Security – Similar to AI, Cyber Security has been around for a long time. In a world that is constantly changing, especially regarding technology, it is always in need of evolving itself. With hackers becoming more skilled it is important for cyber security to adapt to any incoming threats.

Internet of Things (IoT) – Today, everywhere has wifi and everything is connected to the Internet. IoT refers to the providing wifi connectivity to everyday ‘things’ such as home appliances, cars, etc. Whether it is locking your front door from your phone, tracking your fitness or booking a taxi, IoT keeps you connected.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) – Primarily used for gaming to immerse and enhance a user in a specific environment, VR and AR have been making their way into the business world. These popular trends are now being used for education, training, marketing and entertainment purposes.

Stay connected and don’t miss out on these trends. Call 1-877-752-0916 or click here to inquire how Vernon can keep you trending with our VR hardware.

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How To Attract Attention at your Next Trade Show

Creating an impressive trade show booth is vital to attracting attendee attention in a sea of many booths at a trade show or event. A well planned and well executed booth will garner more foot traffic, grow brand awareness and increase event ROI. Interested?

Top Tips for Your Next Trade Show

  • Create Branding Visuals – Create strong brand visuals, banners, signage and surrounding decor elements to tie your brand together and give the feel you want potential customers to experience when surrounded by your brand. Branded giveaways like business cards, flyers or promotional giveaways are a sure way to tie it all together with cohesiveness.
  • Be Eye Catching – Use stunning visuals and bright colours (in accordance with your branding) to attract eyes more than a bleak design would. Use lighting to your advantage when highlighting certain elements or your key product.
  • Teach Something – Educate attendees on new products or latest discoveries relevant to their industry or interests. Creating an interactive and informative experience with tablets or engaging devices will make their time at your both memorable and valuable.
  • Hold a Contest – Create a contest for an easy way to increase attendee engagement at trade shows, gather contact information and spark excitement at your booth. With a creative giveaway, you will boost traffic to your booth, gather potential client information and in turn secure new leads.
  • Keep It Fun – Yes, people attend trade shows for business purposes, but that doesn’t mean they should be bland or without some excitement! Add some entertainment value by hiring a great emcee or talent, creating one of a kind experiences or hosting a social after-tradeshow party for your attendees.

Ready to plan your next tradeshow or event? Click HERE to rent all of the technology elements you will need.

From large display screens, tablets, computers or charging stations – we’ve got you covered at Vernon Technology Solutions.