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Don’t Let Technophobia Overwhelm You

Did you know that research suggests Americans are “more afraid of technology than death?” With our futures becoming more tech-centered, more people are experiencing what has come to be known as technophobia – the fear of technology and its advances. 

If you read our last blog, you already have a sense of how advanced our technology is becoming, and how we are already well on the road of becoming fully dependent on it. Though robot movies and discussions about A.I. can embed a number of frightening thoughts in our heads, most of them are, in fact, irrational fears – the most common one being that of machines making humans obsolete. 

Inasmuch as technophobia is becoming a widespread concern, unfortunately it is not as easy as it sounds to halt our technology use. These tech advances have undoubtedly made our lives easier, and many of our devices have truly become extensions of ourselves in our daily life. 

While technology is not going anywhere soon, we can learn to monitor the amount that we use. With so many of us becoming overwhelmed by all of the changes in our digital world, it is important not to inundate your guests and attendees with an unnecessary amount of digital devices and toys. Don’t overlook the importance of quality over quantity – spend more money on something eye-catching this year and keep your customers at ease. 

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