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Rent or Buy: iPad for Education

learn with ipad for education

Every student learns and expresses creativity in different ways. An Apple iPad empowers educators and students to learn, create and define their own educational success. Whether you are currently in K-12, university/college, or higher education, choosing to rent an iPad will help to teach, innovate, and inspire every student! Can’t decide between renting or buying an iPad? Read below for the benefits of an iPad rental for education.


iPads are small and lightweight compared to a laptop and fit perfectly in a backpack or school bag.


With school running 8-10 months out of the year, iPad rentals provide flexibility with rental terms. For example, Vernon offers short to medium terms, so you are not locked into a lengthy contract.


Purchasing an iPad can be a costly upfront investment. An iPad rental offers the opportunity to save until you can afford the price tag of an iPad.

Increased Productivity

“75% of teachers say that technology-based lessons are more likely to help students with critical thinking, problem-solving and connecting learning to the real world,” (Apple, 2022). iPads also provide amazing features to help boost productivity such as turning handwriting or voice memos into typed text, Sidecar, Spaces, Reminders, Calendar and more.

Go Green

Ditch your notebook and pencil—choose to go green with an iPad rental. You can purchase digital textbooks, load digital documents and PDFs, and complete assignments, and coursework to reduce the number of paper materials used in the classroom.

Continue Your Educational Journey with Vernon

ipad for education

Vernon offers the widest range of Apple iPad rentals with the latest iOS, data plan, custom apps and IT hardware support to help continue your education journey both inside and outside the classroom. Enhance your learning environment with the power of technology – Get a quote today!

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The Best Laptops for Graphic Designers

vernon best laptops for graphic designers

Whether you’re creating a new logo, designing a flyer or a website with captivating graphics and visuals, graphic designers need to be equipped with the right type of technology to complete projects effectively. The best laptops for graphic design should have multi-core processors and a great deal of RAM, to run apps and work on multiple files of varying sizes. As a graphic designer, you need a laptop you can rely on. Read below for the best laptops for graphic designers.

Apple MacBook Pro

vernon macbook pro

An Apple MacBook Pro laptop is our top pick for the best laptop for graphic designers. MacBook Pros are widely used by the creative industry and graphic designers because of their high quality, design, power, and compatibility with creative app software (i.e., Adobe Creative Suite). An Apple MacBook Pro gives the powerful advantage of completing graphic design tasks, XDR screen and prolonged battery life. Click here to learn more about the Apple MacBook Pro.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is our second choice for the best laptop for graphic designers. This device is built for performance – allowing you to build apps, edit videos, render animations and more. In studio mode, you can write and draw with incredible shading and pressure sensitivity with a touch display and compatible pen tools. Click here to learn more about the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio.

vernon microsoft surface laptop studio

Dell XPS Laptop

vernon dell xps laptop

The Dell XPS laptop is our third choice for the best laptop for graphic designers. XPS configurations badged with Creator Edition have been carefully selected for those wishing to cultivate their content creation skills—be it graphic design, photography or beyond. The NVIDIA® GPU is backed by exclusive and free Studio Drivers that bring out the best in your creative apps. The drivers are built in partnership with app developers like Adobe and Autodesk to continually improve your experience and extensively tested to let you embark on your most ambitious projects. Click here to learn more about the Dell XPS.

Get Creative with Vernon!

Whether you need an Apple or Windows device, Vernon can empower your creative team! These laptops are great for graphic designers and the use of Adobe Creative Suite. Get a quote today!