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Top Tech Rentals for Film Festivals

With the Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF) around the corner, we thought we would highlight some of the must-have rentals for film festivals and events.

TIFF is a film festival running since 1976 that takes place at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto every September. With reports that TIFF attracts over 480,000 annually, it is one of the largest publicly attended film festivals in the world. Attended by hundreds of high level celebrities and thousands of media outlets and representatives, TIFF is a powerhouse festival which has grown from humble beginnings to a massive event.

As a proud TIFF rental provider, Vernon Technology will deliver the technology rentals to keep the TIFF events running smoothly and efficiently with our top of the line products. Some of the essential rentals for a film festival like TIFF include:

  1. Digital Display Screens
    With vivid signage hosting dynamic content, large display screens are a way to educate guests on where they should be and what they need to know. Use interactive displays to occupy attendees between screenings with information pertaining to films, important dates and times, surrounding events, etc. See display screens here
  2. Charging Stations
    Charging stations are a fantastic perk your guests will appreciate and will use. With all of the time spent on our smartphones, batteries at events can drain quick with snaps and apps, so charging stations are a no brainer. For the ‘no phone zones,’ locked and secured charging stations are ideal to keep attendees phones safe during screenings with confidence. See Charging Stations here
  3. iPad Kiosks
    To ensure checking-in is a breeze, iPad or tablet kiosks are efficient and easy for attendees to use and useful for organization during registration. Ensure you have multiple kiosks to ensure a flow of attendees to avoid mass lines and queues. See iPad kiosks here
  4. Wifi Routers
    Strong wifi signal is essential for any event with devices relying on its network, so having high powered portable wifi is needed to keep everything running smoothly without delays. Ensuring your wifi is clear and strong throughout your festival is key, so delegate a staff member to check the wifi regularly prior to your start time. See portable wifi here
  5. Laptops
    Notebooks and laptops and events go hand in hand. With the ability to execute many tasks from one device, laptops are probably the number one rental for film festivals. From keeping track of attendees, timelines, media coverage, tickets, staff – laptops are an easy add when creating your list of technology rental needs for a film festival. See our laptops here

For any inquiries on how Vernon can assist you with film festival technology rentals, or for any event – please call us at 1-877-752-0916 or click here

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Use Virtual Reality to Stand Out and Make Your Brand Memorable

VR rental headset

Using virtual reality headsets and kits within your next trade show will set you apart from the rest. Imagine offering your attendees an unforgettable simulation of education or entertainment, wowing them with a HD 360-degree immersive experience.

How You Can Use Virtual Reality for Your Next Trade show:

  • Show interactive tours of facilities, headquarters, offices, etc.
  • Create a customized showroom experience
  • Offer training examples and demonstrations
  • Share your production process

How to Create an Effective Virtual Reality Experience:

  1. Ensure you have a goal established on what type of VR experience you are creating with a desired outcome.
  2. Don’t make the experience too lengthy – try to keep your demonstrations under 5 minutes to keep things moving.
  3. Avoid having elements within your VR demo that could be overwhelming, like elements too close or motions that are too quick and intense.
  4. Rent from a reputable company with extensive experience and a proven success track record – Trust in Vernon Technology for your VR and tech rentals.

At Vernon Technology, we can pre-load elements into your VR rental kit upon request. If you want to create custom content, we can help to designate what content can be used for your virtual reality experience. We can also point you in the direction of reputable partners of ours to help you in designing your experience to seamlessly sync with our high-quality rentals.

Click HERE to see our top of the line Virtual Reality kits available now from Vernon Technology, your trusted technology rental provider.