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Think Twice about Relying on Venue Wifi for Your Event

If you’re attending or hosting an event there’s a lot of logistical issues you need to consider and one crucial element is wifi. Having internet access is a must for most exhibitors these days and simply relying on what’s provided by the venue can be a risky solution. We’re going to take you through some of the pit falls of relying solely on your venue wifi and how you can overcome these potential issues by getting your own independent access.

Reliable and Fast Wifi

Are you going to a tradeshow or exhibiting at multiple locations? Your needs for a fast and stable connection to the internet won’t change but the venue will always be an unknown variable. Until you’re on the ground at the venue, you won’t know what you’re getting. Most venues provide wifi for the public and may be sufficient for some light browsing or filling out an online application but not enough bandwidth for your specialized needs. To avoid having to worry about network capabilities across multiple locations you can bring your own wifi connection. With wifi rental service you can have peace of mind that your connection is stable, fast, and allows for multiple access points. Don’t let a technical issue like slow or spotty internet ruin your next event.

Make More Efficient Use of Your Budget

When you’re relying on the venue to provide your wifi connection you may be limited when it comes to pricing and plans. Depending on the speed and number of access points you could be charged a premium for addons. This is especially true if you need to have dedicated bandwidth for unlimited users. You can plan for events more efficiently when you know all the variables upfront. Renting portable wifi is often less expensive and gives you a wider selection of plans which can go with you to multiple locations. Get the one setup that works for your event without overspend on your budget.

Flexible Plans

With one trusted provider you know you’ll always have the same flexible options. With a wifi rental partner like Vernon you can get unlimited internet access that is flexiblet You get 5G connection to wifi enabled devices and options for personal wireless hotspots. We also have flexible rental plans for short to long term needs. If you know Vernon then you’re familiar with our great customer service and reliable support and setup. Don’t stress about your connection because with Vernon you always have options.

Portable Wifi Canada

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