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Remote Work with Vernon including Laptops and other office and home office technology

Nowadays a large number of the population works remotely. Not only does working remotely increase employee productivity and lower operating costs, it also has proven to reduce use of sick days. With the threat of COVID-19, there has been more need for remote workers and businesses are benefiting from providing flexible working times, ensuring the safety of employees.

Vernon can help you keep your business running smoothly with supporting all your rental needs, from installing a mobile office, to aiding you with a virtual conference.

Get Solutions for :

Work Remotely From The Comfort At Home
Staff Working From Home
Staff Working Abroad
Get Your Work Done From Your Home Office
Cancelled Conferences
Laptops Make Mobile Work Possible
Remote Training

Remote Learning with Vernon including equipment for students or staff training

Remote Work for Students and Staff

Traditional in-person learning environments have shifted to remote settings. With the right remote learning tools, you can learn from virtually anywhere. Remote learning has many positive benefits, saving you time and money. We offer standard or customized rental options, special application add-ons and certain device accessories. Let us help you to continue your educational journey.

Quick Shipment,
Delivery and

Flexible Rental
Plans: Day,Week,
Month, or Year

Full Service Tech Support

You never have to deal with any customer issues because we handle the tech support for all of our equipment rentals.

remote work remote learning

Custom Imaging Available

Devices can be customized and preloaded to fit your specific needs.

• Include Your Branding
• Custom Selection of Software
• Custom Configurations

Everything You Need for Remote Work & Learning!

When it comes to technology solutions, VERNON is your one-stop-shop. With over 30 years of impeccable track record in I.T., A.V. and new technology rentals across North America, VERNON has earned a reputation of ensuring your success – be it mega events, massive exhibitions or federal elections! As your I.T. partner, VERNON gives you absolute peace of mind. Because we give you perfectly customized solutions, and we do it with care.

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