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Our Organization Has To Embrace Change

In most cases, change is a welcomed or needed circumstance that all businesses and organizations have time to prepare for. More importantly, we think about changes that may impact our businesses and we develop plans to navigate through them.  In recent months, we ALL have been impacted by the immediate and sudden change brought upon us by COVID-19.

At Vernon, our daily passion has been to empower our clients to put on the best events and Trade-shows through I.T. and Computer Rental support.  That business, unfortunately, has faced significant postponements and cancellations due to Social Distancing and Government mandated safety measures.

As an organization, we have to change.

That change has asked us to revisit what our passion really means.  We are passionate about helping clients navigate the challenges of executing a successful event. Events that typically are brick and mortar events have now become digital events. Digital events via e-learning, and conferencing systems that require additional technology and still come with many  technical challenges. The pressure for event success is very much still there for our clients.  We continue to support clients’ needs on a per project basis, the same way we deal with physical events. Each event and need is unique and different.

We are passionate about supporting our clients and our client events.  We will continue to adjust our business to ensure that we are here to offer fresh approaches to overcoming the on-going changes to all businesses. We believe that we are all in this together and together we will prosper.

Vernon Technology has embraced change.

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