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Looking to Get Rid of Your Old IT Equipment?

Getting rid of your obsolete IT equipment can be a huge burden. Where should you dispose of it and how do you do so in a secure manner? 

Computers and other devices house all sorts of sensitive information and disposing of this equipment in an unsafe way can put your company and your employees at risk. 

Here are three reasons why you may want to replace your current equipment

Does you office need an IT refresh? 

Often times companies are behind on their IT refresh. Although your IT equipment may still function, over time you can experience a decline in efficiency. Also, waiting for your devices to fail before replacing them can result in unforeseen downtime and productivity loss. A regular IT equipment refresh will help your business stay compliant and avoid the hassle of dealing with broken or aged technology. In addition, it will help maximize system performance which in turn will help your employees stay productive. When refreshing your old IT equipment, it’s important to ensure that your data is destroyed in a secure and environmentally safe way.  

Is your workforce transitioning back to the office?

If your workforce is transitioning back to the office or with a hybrid model, you might need to get rid of your excess IT equipment. If your equipment still has time in its remaining lifecycle you can get money back. When getting your equipment ready for value recovery it is crucial to make sure your devices have been wiped to ensure your company and employees are protected.  

Are you downsizing or closing an office?

When companies are downsizing or closing up shop, a lot of the old IT equipment ends up in landfills. 85% of our E-Waste that is sent to landfills and incinerators are mostly burned, and release harmful toxins in the air. (1) If you are looking to get rid of large amounts of old IT equipment, it’s important to do it in an environmentally friendly and secure way.  

Get sustainable value for your organization

Vernon Technology offers IT asset destruction services to help you safely and securely dispose of your old IT equipment. Whether you are looking to upgrade your dusty IT equipment, shift your employees back to the office either in-person or hybrid and/or downsize or close an office—we can help you get maximum returns for your unwanted IT equipment. Get a quote today! 

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