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Hybrid Model

Looking to transition your employees back to the office or with a hybrid model?

Our team of experts can help you make any transition as smooth as possible. If you are looking to reconfigure your equipment for hybrid work, we can help! We want to work with you to provide your employees with the equipment they need to complete their work.

Renting is a great way to replace existing hardware and accommodate a shifting workforce. Vernon can help you save money on your IT equipment rentals while also providing a full ITAD service that handles the safe removal of equipment and assets while also disposing unwanted equipment in an environmentally safe and secure way.

We Make It Easy

Our ITAD experts know how to upgrade your existing IT equipment while ensuring your files are safely and securely transitioned to your new equipment.

Stay on The Cutting Edge

Renting your IT equipment can allow you to have a faster refresh cycle and give you much more flexibility while also saving you money.

Responsible Disposal

We are R2 Certified which means we comply with standards for responsible reuse and recycling. Our process ensures secure data handling and destruction.

More About Our ITAD Process

Replacing, updating, transitioning or recycling IT equipment is no small job, but it's a job we have years of experience doing. We offer ITAD services to make any change seamless! Now, what does ITAD stand for? It stands for information technology asset disposition. It involves updating or replacing old IT equipment for better and longer use. In addition, it also includes the evaluation, removal, device wiping or recycling of sensitive date which helps reduce e-waste.

We are a technology rental company that provides asset management solutions to help you save money on your change in equipment services. ITAD keep your business safe from the financial, legal or environment risks when dealing with replacing, updating, transition or recycling IT equipment.

Vernon provides ITAD services with the help of our parent company DCR.

Our ITAD Services Include

We have all the brands you want

We have a large inventory of devices

And much more...

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