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Hard Disk Crusher

Ensure your data remains confidential by destroying it permanently with the Vernon hard drive crusher.

The Crusher solution is much simpler and faster than reformatting or degaussing. The Hard Disk Crusher works by crushing through the hard disk’s spindles and physically creating ripples in the platters. The crushing provides visual verification that the disk has in fact been destroyed and your data can never be recovered again.


Accommodates standard desktop, laptop and full height SCSI Drives
  • Durable and transportable
  • Standard 110 outlet
  • 10 second cycle time
  • Crush over 60 disks an hour
  • Visual verification of destruction
  • Safety switch on destruction chamber
  • Simple, safe and secure
  • Total Weight: 85 lbs.
Quick shipment, delivery and installation across Canada. Full Service Tech Support.
  • The Hard Disk Crusher is taken to the client’s location
  • Clients are provided with a list of serial numbers of hard drives being crushed
  • Destroyed drives are removed in secure lock box for transport o  site for 100% Recycling
  • Customers receive a certificate ensuring drives are disposed in an environmentally approved manner
  • Vernon will pick up client drives in secure “lock box” and transport the drives using a bonded courier to our location for crushing services
  • As with On-Site Service, clients are provided with a list of serial numbers for the hard drives crushed
  • and certificate certifying environmental disposal
  • Rates are subject to volume and location
  • Flexible options for the Vernon Hard Disk Crusher include rental, lease and purchase plans

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