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Short supply? Last minute requests? Vernon is here to provide an additional layer of support for you and your customers! We can assist your organization's order fulfillment requirements by providing fast and reliable rentals for client events and trade shows.

Our team are experts in providing rental solutions to help:

The Vernon Advantage

Vernon Technology Solutions provides flexible short to medium-term rentals to organizations across Canada. Give yourself peace of mind by benefiting from:

Our widespread Canadian network

Quick shipment, delivery, and installation

Flexible Terms: Day/Week/Month/Year

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Full-Service Tech Support

Our specialist division offers champion support by providing immediate responses to device shortfalls and hardware complications you may face during your rental period.

It’s a win-win—we equip you with quick device deployment for order fulfillments so you can meet your client's expectations.

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Continued Support

Vernon is here to support organizations with expert hardware tech support! We can provide the extra layer of coverage you need when it comes to unexpected shortfalls of devices to ensure you never miss a beat! Not convinced? Read through our examples to uncover insights on how Vernon can support your organization—when it really matters!

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