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seneca case study

Seneca Case Study

Vernon has always stood out as a company that provides a vast array of devices in a quick and flexible manner. During the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve used these advantages to successfully help companies and institutions deal with the challenges of remote work.

In the middle of March as this pandemic was first emerging, it was still an uncertain time and there was no clear road map for what was about to happen. As stores were closing and companies were sending their staff home, schools were waiting for instructions from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. We were approached by Seneca to help them deal with technology needs for students, should classes go online. Even before the closure was announced we were already proactively working with the Director of Service Delivery at Seneca to help them with an action plan. We mobilized quickly to reserve a large quantity of laptops from our extensive inventory. So if a closure was to take place students could still complete the remainder of their course work online. As the closures began we were then able to immediately take action and within only 1-2 days were able to provide students with their rental laptops. We approach technology rentals from a collaborative, problem solving standpoint so you get more than just equipment you get the right devices when you need them.
As the pandemic progressed and the lockdown was extended the situation at Seneca also evolved. The year was coming to a close and the school no longer needed as many laptops but still required them for a smaller pool of summer students. With Vernon’s flexible rental options we were able to restructure and adapt to the changing situation. The school was able to simply return the extra devices and keep the ones they still needed. We have a great deal of experience in the rental industry and we understand the need for flexibility especially when it comes to technology. That’s how we can make the process of renting so simple and comfortable. At the end of the day we’re proud of the service we provide and we’re passionate about helping our clients overcome challenges. We’re really happy that we had this opportunity to help students especially in these stressful times. Our approach and the effectiveness of our team was what facilitated this seamless process from planning, execution, to continued support. As your rental partner we’re with you every step of the way. Now more than ever you need a partner you can trust and one that can support you and your changing needs.

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